We bet you never noticed this about Chandler in Friends

Oh yeah.

Think you know Friends inside out? Can you whip out a quote for every situation that happens IRL? Do you know each episode by name? Did you ever go into the hairdressers and request ‘The Rachel’?

This week we were very shocked to learn what baby Emma looks like now (hint: it’ll make you feel really old), but now we have another Friends revelation to bring to your attention. And it involves Chandler Bing.

We’ve been hit by controversial Friends news and theories before. The theme tune was hated when the show started (yep, no one loved the clapping) and the show almost happened without Jennifer Aniston. Really.

But this one is a biggie.

If you watch the show closely, you’ll notice that Chandler is spectacle-free until series seven, when suddenly he’s wearing glasses all of the time.


Fans have been debating the topic on Quora, asking why the producers suddenly decided to give his character specs. Some believe that his eye sight simply deteriorated, with one suggesting that working in front of a computer all day had an impact on his sight. Others stated that actor Matthew Perry started wearing glasses, so they simply incorporated this into his character.

Either way, we bet you never noticed.

And if you did, well done – you are truly a mega fan and we salute you.

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