The one where nobody liked the Friends theme tune

The rain is starting to pour.

The rain is starting to pour.

Our worlds were recently rocked by news that this A-List actress regrets her guest appearance in everyone's favourite TV show, Friends. If that wasn't bad enough, we then found out that this Friends couple were never actually meant to end up together. And to top it all off the the UK voted for their favourite Friends character and we were left feeling pretty outraged.

Well guys, it's about to get worse.

Jennifer Aniston appeared on The One Show and made a revelation that shocked Friends fans up and down the nation.

When asked about her thoughts on the iconic Friends theme tune famously sung by The Rembrandts, the Hollywood actress admitted that none of the cast were that keen on the opening credits song choice.

'You know, no one was really a big fan of that theme song. We felt it was a little, you know. Dancing in fountain felt sort of odd, but we did it because we were told to,' she revealed.

Speaking the thoughts of us all, host Alex Jones replied: 'Oh, you've shocked us now Jennifer.'

Luckily the 47-year-old known for playing Rachel Green throughout the show's 10 series managed to redeem herself slightly, after admitting that she still loves to catch up on old episodes (who doesn't).

'I can't help it. First I try and remember which episode it is, I even say "I don't remember that" at first, and you just get sucked into the nostalgia of it.'

In the spirit of getting sucked into the nostalgia of it, take a look at the official music video featuring the cast of Friends (sorry Jen).

We still think it's great.