Marie Claire Picks The 10 Best Ever Comedy Box Sets You Must See

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  • Admit it – nothing quite beats a lazy Sofa Sunday curled up watching your favourite comedy box set. So here’s the Marie Claire teams pick of the best bunch, get watching…

    Summer Heights High

    “A friend of mine bought me this one Christmas and I ended up watching the entire series in one sitting – on a miserable freezing day under a duvet with a picnic. Chris Lilley is a genius and all three characters (that he plays himself) at this fictional australian high school – Jonah, Ja’mie and Mr G – are bloody hilarious. I don’t think his spin off shows have worked as well so I still go back to this as it’s the original and best, and I end up talking in ridiculous catchphrases for days afterwards. Puck you, miss!” – Entertainment Editor, Martha Hayes

    Never Mind The Buzzcocks

    “The Amstell / Lamaar years are comedy gold.” Senior Beauty Editor – Anita Bhagwandas


    “C’mon how can you not love this show? I remember when Season 6 came out on DVD before it aired on TV and my mum let me bunk off school for the day to buy the box-set. We just spent the day binging on Friends and eating junk food. Perfection.” Fashion Features and Entertainment Assistant – Emma Firth

    It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    “Just when I thought nothing would replace Larry David and Curb Your Enthusiasm in my affections, along came four totally self-obsessed friends haphazardly running an Irish bar called Paddy’s in the heart of Philadelphia. The humour is always on the very wrong side of right – think: pretending to be disabled to get a date – but with an endless stream of clever one-liners and a star turn from Danny DeVito, it’s the best thing to hit the small screen since Larry’s awkward antics.”– Acting Features Director, Tracy Ramsden

    Fawlty Towers

    “I love this classic – it just reminds me of my childhood growing up, it’s a classic. John Cleese is absolutely hilarious.” Production Editor – Tracey Nightingale

    Modern Family

    “So funny, great characters and mad story lines!” Art Editor – Maria Bancroft

    Peep Show

    “The excruciatingly awkward situations they get themselves into always make me feel better about my own muck-ups!” Fashion Assistant – Lily Austin


    “The original series. I still watch it – me and my husband are obsessed!” Fashion Features Director – Jess Wood

    New Girl

    “The ultimate comfort series if you feel like your life is not going according to plan (which lets face it we all do at some point!). Zooey Deschanel is perfect as Miss Jessica Day – she always ends up getting in to the most hilarious predicaments with her guy gang and childhood model BFF.” Features Intern – Marina Cerqueira


    “I can remember watching Frasier on Friday nights when I was at school because my parents loved it and I’ve re-watched it endlessly since then. It’s really cleverly written and everyone in it is so likeable. I still find it as funny now.” Sarah Shillaker – Picture Desk Assistant

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