Just Press Play: It’s Our Ultimate Claire Danes Movie Night…

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  • Our November cover star’s cinematic CV is packed full of hits...

    Long before she was crazy Carrie Mathison, Claire Danes was Juliet, she was Angela… she was Beth in Little Women for crying out loud! Yes, our November cover star’s cinematic CV is packed full of hits, making it oh so difficult to compile this list of our favourite ever Danes-on-screen moments.

    Let’s all spend our weekend watching this lot, shall we?

    Romeo + Juliet, 1996
    By far our favourite ever Juliet, director Baz Luhrmann asked 17 year old Claire if she fancied starring opposite (the then also relatively unknown) Leonardo DiCaprio back in 1996. And she never looked back. One of the most standout performances in Claire’s entire career, her soft beauty look cemented her status as a 90s style icon.

    Homeland, 2011
    The crazy, sexy, cool CIA officer Carrie Mathison has gained a cult following thanks to Claire’s totally unpredictable performance. Now, with her co-star Nicholas Brody, played by Damian Lewis, out of the picture (no spoilers for those still working their way through the box sets) the show belongs entirely to Claire. We can’t wait to see what lies ahead when the new series starts this month.

    Temple Grandin, 2010
    Claire takes on the character of Temple, an autistic woman who becomes a leading livestock scientist and her appearance is completely transformed. We love it when an actress steps out of their comfort zone entirely, and for us, its one of Claire’s best performances.

    Little Women, 1994
    Remember back in 1994, when Winona Ryder, Christian Bale and (baby!) Kirsten Dunst teamed up to take on some of literature’s greatest ever characters? Playing Beth March was the breakout part of all breakout parts for 15 year-old Claire, leading to ia certain 90s TV show…

    My So-Called Life, 1994
    Awkward teens around the world rejoiced when the adventures of Angela Chase first hit TV screens in 1994, like, totally, paving the way for a wave of awesome teen TV shows like Dawson’s Creek. In Claire’s first leading role, the future megastar twizzles her hair a lot, and swoons over the coolest boy in school (Jared Leto) a lot. All sounds rather familiar…

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