15 Life Lessons We Learned From ‘Bring It On’

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  • It’s been 15 whole years since Bring It On graced our screens (okay, now we feel REALLY old!) and brought us the original meaning of the word #squad.

    Girl fights, ‘cheer-offs’ and an opening sequence (that we may or may not still know all the words to) aside, ‘Bring It On’ showed us the true meaning of teamwork, democracy (or ‘cheer-ocracy’) and the importance of wearing Spanx. To celebrate this grand anniversary, let’s reflect on the poignant life lessons learned that are still totally valid today, through some of the best quotes ever heard in a 00’s chick flick… and some amazing GIFS.

    1. Be confident and sassy, always.

    2. It’s nice to compliment others.

    3. …Even in a difficult situation.
    ‘You’re a great cheerleader Aaron, it’s just that maybe you’re just not boyfriend material. Buh bye.’ – Torrance Shipman

    4. Safety first!
    ‘I understand you have underwear up your ass right now, but it beats the hell out of a shattered skull. Think about it.’ – Sparky Pulaski

    5. It’s good to spell things out for people.

    6. Some professions are regarded with more respect than others.

    7. Politics translate into every situation.

    8. …and it’s good to be sincere when apologising.

    9. Be the bigger person.

    10. Nothing is more important than your #squad.

    11. Always have your game face on.

    12. Dance like nobody’s watching.

    13. Never underestimate the effect of a perfectly raised eyebrow in throwing some serious shade.

    14. ‘B aggressive, B-E aggressive!’

    15. And the ultimate sassy girl mantra that’s applicable in all situations.

    So dig out your old DVD, rent a copy on iTunes or try and locate your nearest Blockbuster (if we’re going down the true nostalgia route), and get ready to Bring It On!

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