It's Back To The Future Day & Here Are The Inventions The Film Promised We'd Have By Now

Marty McFy and Doc Brown made some big promises for 2015 and we’re not sure they’ve come through with all of them...

Back to Future
Back to Future
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Marty McFy and Doc Brown made some big promises for 2015 and we’re not sure they’ve come through with all of them...

The 1989 film, Back to the Future II saw the twosome make their way to 21st October 2015 and honestly, it looked amazing, but sadly, we're still waiting on a few of the inventions to make it onto the market or to even be made. Here's the list of the things we were promised but don't yet have:


Okay, so it seems like we’re not that far away from this one but it’ll be a few years off before we’re all hovering our way into work.

Mr Fusion

While we all struggle with knowing which colour bin to put our rubbish in (does this count as plastic?! Will the fate of the environment rest on my shoulders if I put this in the wrong bin?! Probably.), in Back to the Future II’s version of 2015, Marty and Doc had a handy Mr Fusion. The Home Energy Reactor churned rubbish into cheap and clean energy through the magic of nuclear fusion. Handy.

Flying Cars

Why people have been wasting their time inventing self-parking cars, we’re just not sure. Since first watching the film, we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for any news on a flying car and we’ve still not heard anything. C’mon guys, hurry up!

Self-Tying Shoes

While replica versions of the Back to the Future self-tying shoe were sold in 2011 and there were rumours that Nike would be making them available in 2015, we’re still wasting our time bending down and tying our own shoelaces. The horror.

Rejuvenation Clinics

“I went to a rejuvenation clinic and got an all-natural overhaul. They took out some wrinkles, did a hair repair, changed the blood, added a good 30 to 40 years to my life. They also replaced my spleen and colon – what do you think?” said Doc Brown. We think that sounds pretty good, Doc, now where can we find one of those clinics so we can have a good old overhaul? Nowhere...nowhere at all, because while we can get all the Botox to our hearts content, we still can’t add 30 to 40 years onto our life by just heading to the clinic. One day, one day…

Weather Service

How often do you leave the house without your umbrella and been soaked all because the weather forecast said it wouldn’t rain for another six hours? If you’re anything like me, then you do this all the time. While we rely on weather forecasts that aren’t the most accurate and reliable, Doc Brown had a watch which was able to predict to the moment when it would stop and start raining. Apple Watch, you have been wasted.

Self-Drying Jackets

Turningup for an important meeting looking like a drowned rat is almost inevitable in Winter, but in Back to the Future, you could turn it all around with your self-drying jacket. At the touch of a button you’d be back to normal and could also adjust the size of the jacket.

Petrol Station Robots

Dread going to the petrol station just incase you end up putting the wrong type in your car? In 2015, we should be able to rely on robots to do our dirty work and fill up our cars and process the payment without us even having to step out of the car.

Jaws 19

We’ve had Jaws 4 and Snarknado but we’re still way off a Jaws 19 and we’re not so sure we mind that.

Food Hydrators

We have microwave pizzas, we have frozen pizzas and by gum we have delivery pizzas, but what we’ve all been waiting for since 1989 is a hydration machine that could bring back to life a dehydrated pizza ready for us to eat. When will this happen, we ask?


Back to the Future II also promised that chronic backpain would be sorted with a handy and practical hoverbelt which just suspends you upside down for a few moments.

Indoor Garden Centres

Not got an allotment or garden but still want to grow your own? Well we should be able to by now if we all lived in the 2015 that Marty and Doc did. Indoor Garden Centre should definitely be a thing by now.

Pick Your Scenery

A must have for dreary office views everywhere, a pick your own scenery channel would improve our lives (and prevent us from seeing the neighbour go on his cross trainer in just a dressing gown).

Moving Rubbish Bins

It’s almost impossible to find a bin when you need one (and when you do you have to struggle with which bin to put it in – see above), but in Back to the Future II’s version of 2015, this struggle would be no more as bins would instinctively know when they were needed!

Hovering Cameras

Drones, guys, drones. We’re living in the future.

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