Ariana Grande was on Carpool Karaoke and of course she killed it

Her Celine Dion impression NEVER gets old.

ariana grande carpool karaoke
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Her Celine Dion impression NEVER gets old.

There have been many beautiful, amazing, wonderful Carpool Karaokes on The Late Late Show with James Corden. None of them come close to Ariana Grande’s IMO, though I am also horribly biased and literally have a countdown to the release of her newest album Sweetener on my phone. The God is a Woman singer stepped into James’ car and proved that her powerhouse vocals are just as pristine live as they are on her records and she also bust out her comedy chops, channeling her inner Celine Dion and demanding to be carried by the host into a Starbucks.

The singer had been teasing the segment for a little while and James even called it his ‘favourite ever’ instalment of the show, which are some pretty big words given they’ve had guests like Mariah Carey, Harry Styles and even Paul McCartney on. It’s easy to see why though below as the pair get on like a house on fire.

Usually, James Corden is able to hold his own during Carpool renditions of popular songs but even he was relegated to back up singer as Ariana riffed, belted and whistle-toned circles around him. They covered songs from her upcoming and old albums, which included God is a Woman, No Tears Left to Cry and Dangerous Woman.

After explaining that she learned how to do her signature runs by listening to ‘the divas’ (Celine Dion, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child), she reprised her own iconic Celine Dion impression. While she’s bust it out on SNL and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon before, she turned it into a full little sketch where she pretended she was Celine at a concert before launching into a note-for-note perfect cover of her song It’s All Coming Back.

She explained, ‘It took me a minute to find my own sound because I was singing [Celine Dion, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child’s] songs so much growing up.’

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There were also a couple of comedy bits that would have made her funnyman fiance Pete Davidson proud, most memorably when she referenced an old rumour that she was carried everywhere. In response, she and James Corden made a little pit stop at Starbucks where the host carried the singer into the store as she ordered - you guessed it - a Grande-sized coffee before vanishing.

One major mystery has yet to be addressed though, as apparently right before starting filming Ariana injured her left hand (you can see the bandage throughout the video). There’s no doubt that it happened while she was with James however, as she tweeted out a picture of her injured hand and tagged him in it.

She wrote, ‘i LOVE my bandage it looks sick @JKCorden i’ll be ok one day’

Although she teased to a fan in another tweet that we would eventually see what happened and that it was ‘stupid’, sadly there’s still been no mention of what actually went down. We just don’t understand how it could have happened - did she slam her hand in the door? Did she slice her hand open with her fierce mani-pedi? Enquiring minds need to know.

In any case, we’re so happy to see she’s doing well and after seeing that bit - we’re making it a priority to snag tour tickets whenever they become available. Her new album Sweetener will be released on August 17, so buckle in and get ready for the ride tomorrow.

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