Are You Having Jamie Dornan Withdrawal Symptoms?

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  • The Fall star Jamie Dornan is back, this time with a modelling shoot for MRPORTER.COM, and the photos are as hot as you'd expect.

    There has been a Jamie Dornan-sized whole in our lives ever since The Fall ended a few weeks ago. Even though he’s found new success as an actor, the gorgeous Irishmen hasn’t turned his back on modelling completely and is back with a new shoot for MRPORTER.COM.

    Just take a look at these shots:

    Talking about his wildly successful modelling career (he was reputedly once the highest paid male model in the world), he admits there was one part of the job that he just couldn’t nail. ‘I got everything out of that world that you can get. And I never did a fashion show,’ he said. ‘It was part of my Dior contract to open its shows in Milan… but we had that written out as I have a funny, bouncy walk – not cool. It wouldn’t make a suit look any better.’

    The model-turned-actor also admits that he doesn’t feel right without his beard and gets upset when directors ask him to get rid. He said: ‘I think photographers and directors realise that my face doesn’t quite work without a beard. I look too young to sell clothes. Too young to be a dad. Too young for anything… I’m still fighting the cute thing. I’m not happy without a beard.’

    Despite his gorgeous looks, Jamie admits that he is insecure with his appearance and his body in particular (say what?!), saying: ‘I have massive insecurities about how I look and will do for the rest of my life. I’m amazed if people are happy in their own skin. I see someone and I think, ‘F**k him, look at him, he’s got way better arms than me.”‘

    What a guy.

    Picture credit: MRPORTER.COM/Tom Craig



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