7 embarrassing things all parents do on Facebook

They’re all guilty of at least a few of these Facebook faux pas

facebook like landscape
facebook like landscape

They’re all guilty of at least a few of these Facebook faux pas

Whether they’re tech pros or have only just mastered signing into Facebook, all parents know exactly how to embarrass us on social media. Here’s our round-up of the main offenders…

1. Sharing inappropriate posts Purposely sharing an inappropriate meme from a famous rapper’s Facebook page, or accidentally clicking ‘share’ on a casually racist article that popped up in their news feed – neither are ideal situations yet both have a very real risk of happening. The ‘share’ button should probably be done away with for anyone over the age of 20 to save all-round embarrassment.

2. Not really understanding how it works As well as accidentally sharing offensive articles, they’ll probably also like their own statuses and your high school boyfriend’s status, or, rather than reply to your comment, they’ll try and reply to their email notification about the comment instead.

3. Tagging awful photos of you Everyone loves a #tbt but not when it’s a childhood photo of you running around the back garden naked. That, or pictures from your 15th birthday when you asked for a Marilyn Manson poster and some black eyeliner - there’s a reason we still had dial-up internet back then.

4. Any kind of commenting whatsoever You’ve been tagged in a not-so-flattering photo of yourself from Friday night, bleary eyed, glass of wine in hand, when out of nowhere a comment appears: ‘GR8T pic are u having a Netflix and chill nite!!! Ha ha ha only joking love mum x did you get nan’s txt’. Even if they have overcome using text speak on social media, nothing good can come of them commenting on your friend/crush/boss’ posts.

5. Adding your friends They swear they did it by accident, but you know the truth. They were running out of excuses for commenting on your friends’ status updates, but now that they’re Facebook official, the real embarrassment can begin.

6. The constant stream of messages Thanks to Facebook chat they know exactly when you’re online – and when you’re choosing not to reply to them. And now, thanks to Facebook calls they can stay on the phone to you forever.

7. Doing literally anything Of course we love our parents, but there’s no getting away from the fact that parents on social media are just plain embarrassing, and some day we will be too. May as well accept it and keep all our actual posting to Twitter and Instagram.

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