You can now save your Instagram posts as drafts thanks to the latest update

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  • Great news if you're indecisive about which selfie to post...

    Are you always umming and ah-ing about whether you should post your latest selfie or not? Do you struggle with the finite details of filtering and cropping to get that perfect, arty final photo? Well, we’re about to put an end to all your insta-woes: Instagram has just released an update that’ll fix all of your worries about getting your posts just right (yep, it’s that good).

    Instagram recently revolutionised the way we ‘gram, by allowing us to zoom in on Instagram pictures (no more accidentally liking a picture because you double tapped to zoom), and they’re back at it again with this latest update.

    Introducing ‘Instagram drafts’, the latest update to the app that does exactly what it says on the tin – save your posts as drafts to come back to later. So, how does it work, we hear you ask?

    To use the drafts feature, you simply upload your chosen photo and edit it, as you normally would. Then, proceed to the next screen, adding your captions/tags/location etc, again as you normally would. Then, go back to the filters page, and click the back arrow in the top left corner.

    Now, here’s where the drafts feature comes into play: Before, you’d have just got the ‘discard’ option from Instagram pop up, letting you know that by going back you’d lose all your hard work forever. But no more. Now, you have the option to ‘save draft’, which, if you choose, will create a new drafts section that sits just above your photo library. This is where you’ll find your draft images stored later on, allowing you to either finalise your picture’s caption and location, or just delete it if you’ve changed your mind.

    This update changes everything, doesn’t it? Now, how long until our ‘drafts’ section is full, we wonder…


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