Eight Of The Best Female Photographers On Instagram

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  • Warning: There isn't any smooshed-up avocado on toast in sight.

    Sure, you enjoy seeing your friend’s photo of her breakfast, and you double tapped that mate-of-a-mate’s baby pic because, well, it would be rude not to. And following Blake Lively is just a given because y’know: it’s Blake Lively.

    But do you ever wish you could inject some excitement into your Instagram feed? Some culture, some controversy, some photos of people that weren’t taken with a front-facing camera?

    Us too. Which is why we dedicated two and a half hours this afternoon to hunting out the best eight female photographers currently displaying their work on the social media site. From war reporting to awkward nudity, they’re turning their Instagram feeds into miniature art galleries. And we can’t get enough of them.

    Why should you follow her? Er, she’s won a goddamn Pulitzer prize, for Christssake.

    Her feed is likely to show…
    ‘The Horn of Africa Drought. Hawa Barre Osman looks for a sign of life from Abdi Noor Ibrahim, her severely malnourished 1-year-old, inside the Doctors Without Borders therapeutic feeding center at the Dadaab complex. She walked for a month with her five children from Somalia to reach the camp.’

    Why should you follow her? She’s based in Israel and New York City, and her photos are uncomfortable, raw images of femininty across the two cultures. You’ll wince. And then you’ll double tap.
    Her feed is likely to show… ‘Beach time abstracts’

    Why should you follow her? She went to school with Tavi Gevinson. Which might not have anything to do with her photographic talents, but certainly explains the cool factor.
    Her feed is likely to show…‘Nagymama’

    Why should you follow her? If GIRLS had a character who was a photographer, she’d probably be based on Amanda Jas.
    Her feed is likely to show… ‘Flowers for friends’

    Why should you follow her? With a feed made up of incredible images of day-to-day life, Gillian’s instagram will inspire you to ditch the filters, and work on your angles.
    Her feed is likely to show… ‘Best breakfast nails of life. Lee Marrone is 88 years old and has more energy than anyone I know. Drinking a gin and cranberry. She says drink of choice is negroni, but my mom doesn’t have it.’

    Why should you follow her? She’s a multi-award winning American photographer, who hit headlines back in 2013 for her series of portraits documenting Domestic Violence. And her instagram account is just as gripping.
    Her feed is likely to show… ‘George Sallie, 87, was on the original march across Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1965. “I fought for my country in Korea for someone else’s freedom, and then came home and realized I didn’t have freedom of my own,” he said. He says is marching today because of the attacks on the Voting Rights Act, asking me “What’s the use of having legislation to protect our right to vote if it ends up being gutted?” George bears a scar on his forehead, a gift from the billy club of a member of the Citizen Posse.’

    Why should you follow her? Because she’s just like you. Photographing her friends, her family and the things she spots during the day to day, Kristie’s photos aren’t staged. But they are beautiful.
    Her feed is likely to show… Plastic bags. And reflections.

    Why should you follow her? She’s full time photographer for A Beautiful Mess. So it’s no surprise that her blog is beautiful (even if not remotely a mess).
    Her feed is likely to show…‘Baby stuffs. What else?? Spending about 85% of my waking hours sitting on the couch with this little gentleman.’

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