Here’s why Prince George’s birthday portraits differ from his siblings’

The Cambridges are one of the most talked-about families in the world, but while the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spend the most time in front of the cameras, it’s their children that really steal the limelight.

From Princess Charlotte’s signature sass and Prince George’s cheeky grin to their royal waves when meeting their brother, Prince Louis, these toddlers never fail to make news. And judging by Prince Louis’ first royal appearance at Trooping the Colour, he seems to take after his siblings.

It was the Cambridge children’s birthday portraits that has made news this summer however, after Prince George’s sixth birthday on 22 July revealed an interesting detail.

This year, Prince George’s birthday portraits were taken by his mother Kate Middleton, with the Duchess of Cambridge always taking the official photographs of his two younger siblings.

On closer inspection however, it seems that Kate isn’t usually the person behind the camera when it comes to her eldest, usually recruiting a professional photographer for George.

So why are Prince George’s birthday portraits different from his siblings’? Well, according to sources, it’s all about lineage, with Prince George being third in line to the throne.

Taking to Twitter to explain why Prince George’s photos have until now been taken by a professional photographer, royal site Gert’s Royals explained.

‘1. He’s heir to the throne,’ the platform wrote. ‘2. A number of them were “bonus photos” from previous released sets. (E.g. Charlotte & Louis’s Christenings).’

Well, that’s that.

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