Here’s why the Academy Awards still doesn’t have a host

What are we going to do?

Award season is officially upon us, with the Golden Globes taking place in a matter of days, the first ceremony in an action-packed calendar. So what do we have in store? Sweet red carpet moments, emotional speeches and some high profile political activism if last year is anything to go by – and we absolutely cannot wait.

But despite the Golden Globes being imminent, it’s the Oscars that’s got everyone talking this week – and for all the wrong reasons.

The 91st Academy Award ceremony is set to take place at Los Angeles’ Dolby Theatre on Monday 25th February, but it’s not the red carpet predictions or the 2019 nominations that have caused a storm, instead it’s the host – or lack thereof.

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Kevin Hart was originally confirmed for the role of host, but after some controversial tweets surfaced from 2011, the comedian was reportedly asked by the Academy to apologise or be replaced.

‘I just got a call from the Academy and that call basically said, “Kevin, apologise for your tweets of old or we’re going to have to move on and find another host,”‘ he explained. ‘I chose to pass on the apology.’

So who is going to be taking up the role of host in his absence?

While past hosts Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Kimmel have had their hats thrown in the ring by fans, the majority are calling for a female duo, with suggestions ranging from Jennifer Lawrence, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig to Melissa McCarthy, Julia Roberts and Emma Thompson.

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As of today however it looks like Kevin might be reconsidering, appearing on The Ellen Show this week.

‘I called the Academy today because I really want you to host the Oscars,’ Ellen DeGeneres explained to Kevin on the show, going on to explain that the Academy replied, “We want him to host, whatever we can do, we’d be thrilled”‘.

‘You have put a lot of things on my mind,’ he explained. ‘Leaving here, I’m promising you I’m evaluating this conversation … Let me assess, just sit in the space and really think.’

So who will be hosting the Oscars? It looks like we’ll have to wait and see.

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