Mila Kunis just explained the key difference between raising a son and a daughter

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  • And it’s pretty hilarious.

    Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are one of Hollywood’s most popular golden couples. Why? Because they’re just like us.

    Whether it’s talking their love of reality shows or the very ordinary way they started their relationship (they were friends with benefits), these two never cease to amaze us with how ordinary they are – and we love them for it.

    mila kunis and ashton kutcher


    Since becoming parents, they are actually even more relatable – taking an honest approach and never being afraid to call out the struggles of raising kids.

    While appearing on the Ellen Show this week with Kate McKinnon to promote their upcoming film, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Mila opened up about her and Ashton’s children, three-year-old daughter Wyatt Isabelle and 15-month-old son Dimitri Portwood.

    ‘They’re incredibly different,’ the 34-year-old explained, going on to share her insights into the difference between raising a boy and a girl.

    ‘My boy’s like a sloth,’ she laughed. ‘He’s wonderful, and I love him — ’cause one day he’ll probably watch this and be like, “Why did you say that?” — but the truth is, women are smarter than men. And I have this evidence from my two different humans that I created.’

    She continued: ‘Girls are just on it and boys are like, “Dum da-dum da-dum da-dum,” they’re more like little linebackers going through life, and like … Neanderthal-ish. Wyatt will be like “Pass the cup, please,” and my boy’s like “ungh, ungh,” That’s it! That’s all you get and you’re like, “Ungh? What could ungh be?” You look around, you’re like, “Ah, ball!” There’s just a huge difference.”

    Host and close friend of Mila’s, Ellen Degeneres, then weighed in, joking that she had actually never seen Dimitri walking, always sitting in a ‘contraption’ on Ashton’s back, something which Kate agreed with, laughing ‘I’ve actually never seen him walk!’

    ‘He doesn’t walk — he just runs,’ explained Mila. ‘He’s in the hiker backpack a lot when we hike, but that’s ’cause we’re hiking and he’s a year old, guys! He’s lazy.’

    And it’s not just Mila who is keen to talk kids, with husband Ashton, telling Huffington Post, ‘I am Wyatt and Dimitri’s dad … everything else is secondary’ and going on to explain that ‘hanging out with [his] kids gives [him] energy.’

    These two!

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