Ashley Benson: ‘You need to stand up for yourself and your worth always’

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  • Ashley Benson talks Privé Revaux, her proudest moments and how she celebrates business success...

    You may know the name Ashley Benson – she’s only one of the most talked-about women in the world. But how much do you know about her brainchild, Privé Revaux?

    While Ashley is most known for her acting, modelling and singing, she is also a very successful businesswoman, and her brand is one you need to know about.

    Privé Revaux is an affordable eyewear brand, offering cool and accessible sunglasses and eyeglasses, with a host of celebrity collaborations from actor Hailee Steinfeld to pro street skater Nyjah.

    Ashley’s not here to just put her name to products, she tells us. She’s here for the journey.

    ‘I love to be hands on and involved in everything because I always want to make sure that whatever I’m involved in is the best. I celebrate success by working harder.’

    With Privé Revaux now launching in Europe, MC Features Editor Jenny Proudfoot caught up with the ever-inspiring Ashley Benson for some quick-fire questions about business and fashion…

    Privé Revaux

    What was it that prompted you to start Privé Revaux?

    I just loved the concept of the whole line. It was a way to be able to create things for my fans at an affordable price that can make them feel cool and chic.

    What is the best business advice you have ever received?

    I haven’t really gotten any business advice. But for me I love to be hands on and involved in everything because I always want to make sure that whatever I’m involved in is the best. I never want to hand it off to other people to do for me and just put my name on something.

    What has been your proudest moment with Privé Revaux?

    I’ve had a lot of proud moments. I think it’s just seeing how the brand is still continuing to be more and more successful. We have so many great people who have done collaborations with us. Also now that we are launching in Europe is very exciting.

    Privé Revaux

    How do you celebrate success?

    I celebrate success by working harder.

    What is your advice on asking for more?

    As far as asking for raises or things like that I think you just have to be upfront. You need to stand up for yourself and your worth. Always.

    What’s your favourite piece in the collection?

    My favourite piece would be my black Victoria’s. They are timeless, chic and very me.

    Who is your personal style icon?

    The Olsens have always been my style icons. They are timeless and chic – they can make anything look good.

    What item of clothing holds the most sentimental value for you?

    I have a ton of Saint Laurent leather jackets. They are my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I just love them. They are always my go-to.

    What is your number one style rule?

    My style rule is to always make sure you’re comfortable. Dress for yourself and no one else.

    Visit Privé Revaux for more information on their sunglasses collection.

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