Meghan Trainor's epic fall (& 10 other stage falls we can't help but rewind)

Don't worry Meghan, you're not alone.

Don't worry Meghan, you're not alone.

If there was ever a way to walk off an epic stage fall, Meghan Trainor may just have nailed it. How? By not getting back up, of course.

Meghan Trainor on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, 2016

All About That Bass singer was promoting her new single, Me Too, when after singing the entire song in high heels, the singer ate floor after finishing her number. And instead of getting back up, Meghan simply decided to lay on the floor, with Jimmy Fallon joining her soon after.

Now that's how you do a stage fall.


In honour of Meghan's epic fall, we look back at the excruciating stage falls that have befallen other performers. It happens to the best of us, Megs...

Madonna at the Brit Awards 2015

Beyoncé, 2007 Even Queen Bey can be accident-prone, as this all mighty stage dive during an energetic performance of Ring the Alarm proves. Ain't no thang, though, as she brushes herself and carries on werking it like a boss.

Miguel at the Billboard Awards, 2013

This unfortunately timed leap could have ended very badly, but thankfully everyone involved was a-ok. We, though, may never recover from the horrors.

Rihanna, 2010

What's the last thing you want to happen as you strut meaningfully and seductively across the O2 arena in London? This... Poor RiRi.

Pink's Funhouse tour

It was Gaga Vs. piano stool - and Gaga lost. She may have been arse-over-tit, but the PVC bikini-clad singer didn't miss a note. So profesh.

Justin Bieber dueting with Carly Rae Jepsen

If there's anyone you want to see stack it, it's pop brat Bieber. Skip through to 1:59 and see his fall in all its glory.

Drake, Birmingham, 2012

Note to all celebrity types: Birmingham audiences are not sympathetic when superstars fall over. The Brummy crowd are one cheer away from breaking out into 'he fell over' as Drake eats it. Skip to 1:28.

Robbie Williams, Leeds

Cheeky chappy Robbie Williams caused us all much amusement with this stage slip, but you can't fault the way he styled it out.

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