Iggy Azalea: The Stuff You Should Know About The Girl Of The Moment

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  • Platinum blonde bombshell and badass rapping sensation Iggy Azalea has been making waves for months thanks to her no-nonsense attitude, penchant for dirty lyrics and provocative videos. Not to mention that butt, so impressive it sparked rumours of implants and padded underwear. Here's everything you need to know about the girl of the moment...

    She’s fiercely independent

    The Australian 23-year-old – born Amethyst Kelly – began rapping when she was just 14. Two years later, she travelled solo to America, funding her trip by cleaning hotel rooms and houses. She told her parents she was going on holiday but never returned. Testament to her fierce independence and determination to succeed.

    Iggy became an internet sensation in 2011, when she started uploading freestyle videos on YouTube that soon went viral. Her subsequent mixtape, ‘Ignorant Art’, quickly became a cult hit and was followed by two more mixtape releases and millions of YouTube views.

    She’s controversial

    Iggy is known for her dirty lyrics 

    ‘Work’, the first single from her upcoming debut studio album, was released in March 2013. It immediately set tongues wagging thanks to Iggy’s talk of ‘giving blowjobs for Louboutins’ and raunchy lap-dancing in the video.

    This girl definitely courts controversy, and has been known to get attention for all the wrong reasons. She caused uproar in 2012 when she described herself as a ‘runaway slave master’ in ‘D.R.U.G.S.’, which sparked an ongoing Twitter war with fellow rapper Azealia Banks. Iggy later issued an apology, acknowledging that it was a ‘tacky and careless thing to say’.

    She’s all about the sisterhood

    Iggy with girl pals Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne

    We admire Iggy for her positive attitude towards women – she describes herself as ‘into justice for women’. She has an all-female team behind her and performed at the Chime for Change concert in June because she feels that the plight of women is too often forgotten.

    After the Chime for Change concert, Iggy revealed just how important the women in her life are, saying: ‘There are many females in my life I couldn’t function on a daily basis without who I’ve purposely put there that work with me. Pretty much all of them are (women).

    ‘My stylist, make-up artist, booking agent. My management team are all women. Most of the people at labels I liaise with are all women. It’s pretty much all women all the time,’ she told Metro.

    She has also called for a stop to ‘bitching’ between female rappers, recognising that rap is a largely male-dominated world, where women should support one another.

    She’s got style

    Iggy in bold prints and statement bling

    We love her for her outrageous and eccentric style – think bold prints, crop tops and lashings of bling – that she says is influenced by everything from Grease to the Looney Tunes and the Spice Girls. We’re not surprised – this girl is all about girl power.

    Iggy’s debut studio album, The New Classic, is out in September. 

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