So, Do We Need A Women-Only Music Festival?

Haim have revealed that they're keen to launch a women-only music festival, and it sounds like the best idea EVER

Haim Festival

Haim have revealed that they're keen to launch a women-only music festival, and it sounds like the best idea EVER

There was a press release for a music festival that was sent out about 18 months ago. Spanning three days, taking place somewhere relatively near to a train station and with featuring at least 23 different types of food truck on site, it looked amazing. Or at least, it would have looked amazing, had there been a single woman lined up to perform.

Yep, despite multiple stages, different sizes of technicolour tents and a capacity of 40,000 plus, every single act was male. Every single DJ, every single singer, drummer and silver triangle-player was in possession of his very own penis. Musical skills are one thing, but want to know what it really takes to make it in the music industry? A dangly thing swinging between your legs. Presumably it helps you keep time.

Which is why, when Haim revealed that they wanted to create a 'woman only' music festival, we nodded with enthusiastic, impatient glee.

'We talk about this all the time, how there aren’t enough female represented bands and artists at festivals,' explained Este, adding that she'd want Florence and the Machine, Taylor Swift (obvs) and Lorde to perform. 'You don’t see them. And it’s really sad for us. We came up with the idea basically of why can’t we just bring back a festival that’s just ladies – not that we don’t love the boys. Love the men.'

'We talk semi-jokingly but semi-seriously about making it happen. So stay tuned. I think that would be really magical.'

It wouldn't be the first time a women-only music festival has been created. Lilith Fair was established back in 1997 for exactly that purpose - and for two years, it attracted all the leading ladies of the music industry, giving them a platform to perform as a majority, rather than a minority.

'All these amazing ladies had such an amazing outlet and place to play music,' enthused Este in the interview. 'It was really beautiful, and I feel like that’s not really available anymore and that outlet isn’t there.'

We'll second that.

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