Destiny’s Child has a new verified Instagram account... but what does this mean?

Let the speculation commence..

Destiny's Child
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Let the speculation commence..

When it comes to celebrities, there aren’t many that don’t have an Instagram presence. So when Destiny's Child, AKA one of the biggest girl groups in the world (that are currently on hiatus) appears on the platform, with a verified account no less, the world takes notice.

Yes, Destiny’s Child now has an Instagram account.

So far (they've only posted thee times) we’ve seen throwbacks highlighting some of their many, many, accolades. But what does this all mean? Could we soon be listening to the sound of DC3 2.0? We remain hopeful.

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In 2004, the ladies announced their final studio album would be Destiny's Fulfilled. In the twelve years since, all three have made their mark with successful solo careers; Michelle Williams released several gospel albums and made appearances on Broadway as Roxy Hart in Chicago, Kelly sold over 27 million records as a solo artist and Beyoncé (Queen Bey), well, she is firmly on her way to global domination.

Destiny's Child

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The last time we saw the trio together was at the 2013 Superbowl when Beyoncé surprised us all. There she was, in-between tracks ad-libbing away to the crowd, when BAM! time suddenly stopped. And up from nowhere (OK, from trap doors in the stage), Kelly and Michelle appeared. Cue collective shrieks of excitement from fans that could be heard around the world.

But how would this potential new music sound? Perhaps the clue lies in the past, so let’s take a look at some of their best moments in the spotlight...


Sampling Stevie Nicks's Edge of Seventeen, this feel good song was infectious.


With lines like, 'You know I'm not gon diss you on the internet. Cause my mama taught me better than that', no one predicted trolling in the digital sphere quite like DC3 - such is the power of Destiny's Child.





With statements like 'Aint nothing going on but the rent' and 'You've got to have a J.O.B if you want to be with me', it was Gwen Guthrie that first raised this pretty valid point. Destiny's Child echoed the sentiment on this one, and scrubs world wide sat up and listened.


Watch this space...

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