8 Songs You Need To Listen To En Route To A First Date

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  • Wave goodbye to those first date nerves with our ultimate pre-date playlist...

    1. Beyoncé – Freakum Dress

    Getting ready for the date is half the battle. But once your floor’s covered in rejected outfits and you’re out the door and en route in your hottest frock, put this on. Bey’s stomping lyrics will rid you of any pre-date nerves by pumping you up, giving you a massive confidence boost and reminding you how F-I-N-E you’re looking tonight. Go get him, girl.

    2. TLC – No Scrubs
    It’s far too easy to be distracted by a shaggy mop of hair and an adorable pair of puppy dog eyes while completely ignoring the fact that he’s telling you about how he’s lived on his brother’s sofa for four years and still claims Jobseeker’s Allowance. Remember your standards. Let TLC’s wise words wash over you: ‘Can’t get wit’ no deadbeat ass… NO.’

    3. Ciara – Goodies
    If you struggle with keeping a lid on your lady treats, then this one’s for you. Everyone knows it’s advisable to hold a little something back if you’re hoping to secure a second date. So make like Ciara and let him look, but never touch. ‘If you’re looking at my goodies keep on lookin’ cuz they stay in the jar…’ Until date number two, at least.

    4. Aretha Franklin – Respect
    When Aretha spelled out this seven-letter word, we knew she wasn’t messing. It’s scientifically impossible to stop yourself belting along to this girl power classic, so give Aretha a whoop and a holla and get those pre-date cockles warmed up. You’ll be so absorbed by your fabulous solo mirror-singing, you’ll forget all about your slightly terrifying night ahead. Sock it to me.

    5. R Kelly – I’m A Flirt
    Feeling a little rusty on the flirting front? Let R&B’s smoothest criminal seduce you with his silky rhymes and sexy beats. You’ll soon find yourself walking into that bar with a laid-back swag like you’ve never known. Awkward silence mid-date? Think: WWKD (What Would Kelly Do)? It’ll never let you down.

    6. Hall & Oats – Maneater
    Sometimes a girl just needs to awaken the beast. If you’re shy, Daryl and John will provide you with all the pep talk you need. Some women actually are maneaters, some just like to think they are, and some just do an amazing job of pretending. Whichever category you’re in, this will leave you ready and raring to go. Now let us hear you roar.

    7. Miguel – Adorn
    Every word in this song sounds like it’s been dipped in honey and every word in this song will suddenly make you feel like the sexiest woman alive. If you suspect romance could be on the cards, this will get you in the right mindset. Plus, if Miguel wants to do these things to you this badly, then your date will definitely want to, too. 

    8. Jean KnightMr Big Stuff
If you’re getting ready to meet a flashy type who you fear may need putting in his place, you need some Jean Knight in your life. It will remind you that actually, men rarely are all that. He’ll slip right off that pedestal you’ve put him on quicker than you can say, ‘Who do you think you ARE?!’

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