The feel-good films you should be watching this week

Because we all need a bit of cheer during these uncertain times, here’s Team Marie Claire’s top film picks to switch off with…

feel good films

Because we all need a bit of cheer during these uncertain times, here’s Team Marie Claire’s top film picks to switch off with…

With many of us self-isolating and social distancing, we suddenly seem to have a lot more time on our hands. But what we do with that time during such an uncertain period has never been more important. Here, we’re sharing our favourite heart-warming films – the ones we turn to when we need our spirits seriously lifting. Time to hunker down with the Hobnobs? We think so.

Napoleon Dynamite says Maria Coole, Contributing Editor

'I adore this one-of-a-kind, quirky high-school cult comedy. Your new hero for life - the carrot-topped oddball Napoleon - lives in Preston, Idaho, with his equally eccentric family and he's helping his friend Pedro run an election campaign to become class president. Along the way, he falls in love and performs probably THE BEST solo dance routine in cinematic history.'

Amelie says Sophie Goddard, Entertainment Editor

'Audrey Tautou! Paris! Romance! What more does a film need? Amelie’s mission to spread joy and improve the lives of others is surely needed now more than ever. Fun, feel-good, easy watching (with a healthy dollop of romance) never looked so good. And the soundtrack? J’adore.'

Now & Then says Sunil Makan, Associate Editor

'For me, the ultimate feel-good film would have to be Now & Then. A coming of age story that defined my early years, the film focuses on four childhood friends coming together and reminiscing about a particularly monumental summer in the seventies. It has it all: a great cast (Thora Burch, Demi Moore, Rosie O’Donnell, Melanie Griffith, Rita Wilson and Devon Sawa – ‘teen me’ was a big fan); an excellent soundtrack (Knock Three Times, Sugar, Sugar, Band of Gold - its all very NOW 1970s and I’m here for it) and throw in dalliances with magic, growing pains, love and the perfect dose of humour and you’ve got yourself the recipe for feel-good. It’s needed right now. In fact, going to make a cuppa and get that on...'

Matilda says Humaa Hussain, Fashion Affiliate and Social Media Manager

Child Actors Sara Magdalin Matilda

The scene that made you forever associate the song Send Me On My Way with making pancakes, Sara Magdalin, aka four-year-old Matilda, looks SO different 20 years later... Credit: TriStar Pictures

'This movie makes me smile throughout. I can still remember the day I first watched it in my school auditorium. To me, there’s something so innocent about the movie – it provides the best escapism from the doom of the outside world. Also The Longest Ride - my favourite romance to put on whenever I’m feeling down, because it's not just about the love story but about the trials of life and what happens when your desired route doesn't work out.'

The Princess Bride says Emily Ferguson, E-Commerce Director

'Transport yourself to a magical land where true love triumphs over evil. A fairy tale adventure about a woman called Buttercup who has been separated from her long-lost love. They both must battle the evils of the mythical kingdom Florin to be reunited with each other. Brilliant, spirit-lifting stuff.'

La La Land says Penny Goldstone, Fashion Editor

'Nothing cheers me up like a good musical, and La La Land is one of my favourites. It is of course set in LA, which gives me all the holiday feels, the costumes are colourful, the music uplifting and the chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling just puts a smile on your face. Escapism at its best.'

The Breakfast Club says Sarah Barnes Junior Beauty Writer and Production Assistant

(Image credit: c.MCA/Everett/REX)

'The Breakfast Club is a classic John Hughes must-watch. It’s about unlikely friendships, romance and iconic dance scenes that you will find yourself doing around the kitchen, as you make your 100th cup of tea!'

The Grand Budapest Hotel says Sarah-Rose Harrison, Contributing Fashion Editor

'I'm (still) a little infatuated with all things related to The Grand Budapest Hotel - it was released in 2014 and I can't imagine ever growing tired of it. Wes Anderson is such a genius, seeing behind the scenes imagery on (@Directors_visions) this week led me to re-watch this old favourite of mine just last night. I completely love everything about the film from the language (try and resist repeating 'collinard funicular') to Anderson’s dreamy aesthetic in both set design and direction. It's a true delight.'

The Five-Year Engagement says Lucy Abbersteen, Junior Digital Beauty Editor

'Everyone has that one film they find way more hilarious than everyone else, and The Five Year Engagement is mine. I don’t know what it is about it but it never fails to crack me up; by now I can probably recite it by heart. Tom and Violet, played by Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, get engaged at the beginning of the film, but life happens and (you guessed it from the title) it just keeps being pushed back year after year. It’s got a hilarious supporting cast (Alison Brie, Chris Pratt and Mindy Kaling, to name a few) and, yes, it’s on Netflix. You’ll have to watch to find out if they do tie the knot after five years.'

Bridget Jones’s Diary says Olivia Adams, Writer

bridget jones

©2004 Universal Studios and Studio Canal and Miramax Film Corp. All Rights Reserved

'I’m loud and proud about my love for Bridget Jones’s Diary. Not least because it has a happy ending and she falls in love (who wouldn’t want that?), but our hilarious and boozy heroine lives through relatable life issues like office culture, body confidence and friendships. I genuinely enjoy every minute of every re-watch (and there are many).'

Juno says Niamh McCollum, Features Assistant 

'I could watch Juno on loop without ever getting bored. Seasons pass in a sleepy Minnesota town as pregnant teen Juno Macguff navigates the challenges faced only by a high schooler whose band member (the wonderful, gawky Michael Cera) gets her up the duff. It's witty, it's adorable and its stellar soundtrack monopolised my car stereo for an embarrassingly long time. I mean, The Velvet Underground, T-Rex, and Cat Power - all mixed in with the folky stylings of Kimya Dawson? Pure bliss.'

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