Christmas gifts for book lovers, the Marie Claire edit

Struggling with Christmas shopping? We've found the perfect reads for every bookworm in your life. You're welcome.

christmas gifts for book lovers
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Struggling with some last-minute Christmas shopping? We've found the perfect reads for every bookworm in your life. You're welcome.

With Christmas right around the corner, it’s about time we brought the stockings down from the attic and began the yearly process of shaking the dust off, wrapping and filling. 'Tis a process the team here at Marie Claire have nevertheless tried to make a whole lot easier for you. With our extensive research and carefully curated gift guides, we've not left a stone unturned (take a look at our gift guides for him and her if you need any more convincing).

With that said - and in light of Apple’s screen time feature kindly reminding us quite how much time we spend on our phone (the ominous graph that seems to inch its way further up our screen week by week is concerning to say the least) - it seems more timely than ever to start shifting our attention to the wonderful world of books.

From Romance to Comedy - and harrowing biographies - to prose that could be mistaken for poetry, the abundance in genres and myriad titles suggests this could be your very best offering this Christmas (- and every other too, to be quite honest). Both versatile and very personal, we can hand on heart promise that it will not end up in the recycle-for-next-year pile.

From Meera Sodha’s cookbook “East” compiling over a hundreds delicious Asian recipes to Ocean Vuong’s beautifully poetic novel “On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous” this is the perfect guide for book lover friends and all other friends alike.

Know a bookie but fear their shelves just won't hold any more novels? Why not buy them some chic bookends. Opt for Oliver Bonas’ gold hue wings for a statement pressie, or go more personal with Not On The High Street’s gorgeous vase and personalised ones. Or, for a stylish take on an all time classic, why not buy Penguin’s cover of The Great Gatsby as a framed print.

Prepare yourself for a literary feast.

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