beyonce baby name

Is Beyoncé dropping huge hints about what she’s going to name her twins?

It's all in the outfits...

Since Beyoncé announced that she and husband, Jay-Z, were expecting twins, the internet has gone wild speculating details about their arrival. The pregnancy announcement picture quickly became the most liked Instagram of all time, with celebrities from Rihanna to Rita Ora publicly congratulating the couple.

Since the announcement, the world has started speculating about the two celebrity babies – everything from who the future Carters’ godparents will be to the babies’ genders, with some believing that Bey’s choice of blue pants and a pink bra is a subtle hint that she’s expecting a boy and a girl.

Most people, however, are focusing on trying to predict what Bey and Jay-Z will be naming their twins. If their celebrity is anything to go by, the names could be pretty abstract – who could have predicted that they would name their five-year-old daughter Blue Ivy?

The Beyhive has been quick to notice that Beyoncé has been wearing a lot of green recently; at the Beauty and the Beast premiere Beyoncé twinned with her daughter a green Gucci dress, while many speculated that Blue Ivy’s gown contained a hidden message to Adele.

It’s thought that green is a nod to a potential theme for the names of Beyoncé’s babies.

One Twitter user has suggested that green could instead represent when the twins are due. Who knows, maybe there’s something in it?

Straying away from the green theme though, UK bookmaster William Hill has offered up some pretty out there options – and yes, all the names come in pairs.

‘Nobody managed to correctly predict ‘Blue Ivy’ and we fully expect that that failure will continue,’ explained William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams. ‘But here are our best predictions and my money is on Tic & Tac.’

These are their best double name combinations – all offered at 100/1…

100/1 White & Lily
100/1 Romulus & Remus
100/1 East & West
100/1 Kim & Kanye
100/1 Number 1 & Number 2
100/1 Chilli & Pepper
100/1 Adam & Eve
100/1 Batman & Robin
100/1 Butch & Sundance
100/1 Wallace & Grommet
100/1 Dallas & Texas
100/1 Duke & Duchess
100/1 Lord & Lady

beyonce baby name

100/1 Charles & Camilla
100/1 Harvard & Yale
100/1 King & Queen
100/1 Rolls & Royce
100/1 Yogi & Bear
100/1 Thelma & Louise
100/1 Soldier & Sailor
100/1 Fred & Ginger
100/1 Pride & Prejudice
100/1 Tic & Tac
100/1 Zig & Zag
100/1 Sheriff & Deputy

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