The best memes on the internet that show how awesome women are

As if we needed any proof...

Words by Emily Hollings

We all have that one Whatsapp group – consisting of our closest girlfriends, an endless supply of gossip and a strong back catalogue of memes.

Whether they’re from the friend you can always rely on to post the latest in celeb gossip, or the one who has the perfect meme lined up for every occasion, it’s fair to say that thanks to our dedication to social media, we are all well-educated in meme-speak

In honour of International Women’s Day we thought it fitting to hand-pick the memes that show how amazing women are, right from the comfort of our news feeds….

im happy

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#feminism #feminist #graffiti #equalrights #patriarchy

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I can't believe it either. #feminism #feministprobs #womensrights

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Helen Mirren on being asked if her big boobs hindered her ambitions of being 'taken seriously' as an actor

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Hi, I'm funny, where's my award? ?

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adele knew!!! (Via: Getty Images)

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Happy International Women’s day!

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