5 Reasons why DOWNHILL is the film we can’t stop talking about

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  • It nails the highs and lows of family life… 

    From the writers of Succession and The Descendants, DOWNHILL manages to be both hilarious and poignant at the same time. It tells the story of a family’s close encounter with an avalanche, which sends the dad running, leaving his wife and children to fend for themselves. The script expertly captures the highs and lows of family life as they are forced to reckon with their true feelings for one another.

    It’s got a stellar cast…  

    Starring the inimitable Will Ferrell as husband Pete and the brilliant Julia Louis-Dreyfus as wife Billie, the film marks the first time the stars have been together on screen. It’s a comic duo that doesn’t disappoint. But beyond this, there’s a particular vulnerable quality to Billie’s character that underpins the film’s dark comedic tone. Whether it’s her cutting one-liners or her gut-wrenching confession in front of an unsuspecting couple, Louis-Dreyfus explores her role as the ‘mother’ in a refreshingly  authentic and heartfelt way.

    The family tension is spot-on… 

    Who hasn’t had a family rift on holiday? The dinner table arguments, the faking happy families in front of guests and the ensued tension that prevails throughout the trip – we’ve all been there. DOWNHILL captures these all too relatable moments with enormous hilarity.

    You’ll find the characters totally relatable… 

    As well as relatable family moments, the characters themselves are wonderfully in tune with life’s everyday struggles. Be it scenes depicting teenagers trying to find their place in the world or parents being caught up in midlife crises, the film is a hilarious portrayal of human behaviour. Prepare to find yourself questioning if you look at your phone a little too much.

    You’ll leave wanting to talk it over with your girl friend… 

    A unique take on relationship and family dynamics, it’s as funny as it is forthright about family life. Grab your closest group of girl friends, or husband (if you’re brave enough) and go see it. Either way, you’re going to need a debrief after watching.

    DOWNHILL is in cinemas 28th February. 

    Words by Chloe MacDonell

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