Miley Cyrus' sister Noah left a surprising comment on her video - and it's fuelling family fallout rumours

What's happening with the Cyrus'?

Miley and Noah Cyrus
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Speculation over a 'family drama' in the Cyrus household has been mounting for months, and this week Miley's sister Noah left a surprising comment on a social media video featuring the Wrecking Ball singer - which has only fanned the flames.  

The clip in question is from 2020 (shortly after Miley's divorce from Liam Hemsworth, which was finalised earlier that year) when Miley sat down for a lengthy interview on The Joe Rogan Experience and discussed her family dynamic, particularly her relationship with Noah, who was 20 at the time. The sisters also share a brother Braison, 29, and three half-siblings—Brandi, Trace and Christopher. 

When asked by Joe Rogan what it's like to have her as a famous sister, she replied: "You can go one way or the other. You either become my younger sister, who kind of wants [the fame] and she's got a record out that I love called The End Of Everything. She's called Noah Cyrus.

"It's the most depressing EP you'll ever listen to. She's 20 years old. She's emo, she's like an emo kid. She has a song where she says 'My sister's like sunshine, it'll follow her wherever she goes/But I'm more like a rain cloud.' You know, she's really got this idea of me."


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Rogan then suggested: "Maybe [Noah] needs to go to the doctor."

To which Miley responded: "She is, we’re all at the doctor a lot. We have, like, a salary doctor. She’s dealing with it but she’s only 20, so I worry about her. Dude, if you don’t look like these girls on Instagram…"

The clip has been doing the rounds on social media again recently, with Noah adding a comment this week writing: "The disrespect in this video…"

It's unclear whether she's referring to host Joe Rogan and his comments, how Miley speaks about her, or both - but in light of recent tension between the sisters, many are convinced that there has been a fallout behind the scenes.

Earlier this year, Noah and their brother Braison didn't attend their mother Tish's wedding, although Miley attended as a bridesmaid. 

On the day of the wedding, Noah posted pictures of herself and Braison, saying he 'flew out' to see her in LA on her Instagram stories. 

While no official comments have been made by any of the Cyrus siblings, Noah was wearing a Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt which fans have suggested could be a subtle way of showing support for her dad, Billy Ray. 

As with all families, squabbles and differences are expected - but let's hope that if there has been any fallouts, they can patch things up.

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