J-Lo says she was originally meant to join Madonna and Britney at the 2003 VMAs

"We couldn't do it so they got Christina Aguilera, I think."

Britney Spears Madonna Christina Aguilera VMAs 2003
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Take yourself back to 2003. The noughties are in full swing - celebrities are wearing dresses over jeans on the red carpet, Dirty Den makes a shock return to Albert Square and David Blaine is living in a plexiglass box hanging over the River Thames.

It was - a time.

And if you were a teenager during this culturally significant era, chances are that you watched the MTV VMAs and witnessed Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera's iconic Like A Virgin performance before sending shocked 'OMGs' to your friends on MSN messenger. 

To say it caused a stir is an understatement. Photos of Britney and Madonna's kiss dominated the headlines and the papers - as did Justin Timberlake's stoic expression when the camera quickly panned to him in the audience after the lip lock. 

But while the trio's performance has cemented itself in celeb history, it turns out that someone else was supposedly meant to be on stage that night. 

Jennifer Lopez has confirmed rumours that she was originally planning to join Britney and Madonna for the number, but was unable to make it work due to scheduling conflicts. 

During a chat with E! News about her upcoming movie Armed Marriage, J-Lo was joined by Josh Duhamel when she was asked about whether or not she was supposed to be on the stage that night. 

She replied: "That was actually true. I was filming a movie in Canada, we had met - me, [Madonna] and Britney to do it - at her home, and then I just couldn't get off the film. And so we couldn't do it. 

"So I guess then they got somebody - they got Christina Aguilera, I think, to do it. And I didn't wind up doing it."

She added: "I love Madonna, I'm a huge fan."

Christina has previously spoken about feeling disappointed with her part in the performance, noting that cameramen had cut away from her kiss with the Holiday singer to focus on Justin's reaction instead. 

During a radio interview, she said: "It was weird. And you know why they cut away for it? Because they cut away to get Justin's reaction.

"Yeah, because I definitely saw the newspaper the next day and it was like, 'Oh, well, I guess I got left out of that'."

Well, now you know!

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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