Everyone's saying the same thing about Brad Pitt 

Did you spot this?

Brad Pitt at Wimbledon 2023
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Brad Pitt has long been recognised as a heartthrob, and the stud status has not disappeared over the years, in fact it's been amped up once again. 

The 59-year-old Hollywood actor was a hot topic of conversation over the weekend at the Wimbledon Men's Final, aside from Princess Charlotte being introduced to other royals around the globe. 

Brad had fans swooning over him as he sat eating crisps courtside while he watched tennis ace, Carlos Alcaraz, beat Novak Djokovic in the final on Sunday.

One fan tweeted: "Even shovelling a handful of crisps in his gob he is hands down the best looking man on the planet *swoon*.”

Another shared: "So it is possible to look sexy and awesome eating potato chips. Good to know."

A third quipped: "“Best part of #Wimbledon for me. Seeing Brad Pitt eating crisps. Yes, you heard it right, Crisps. He’s one of us!!!”

Not only that, but eagle eyed fans couldn't help but notice how youthful the Fight Club actor, with some likening him to his character in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which the titular character gets younger instead of older. 

One fan took to Twitter to joke about the movie star's youthful complexion. 

They tweeted: "The secret to looking young is clearly eating crisps. Look at Brad Pitt and Gary Lineker."

Another gushed: "Brad Pitt is always snacking, is 59 and still looks the most stunning guy in the room . In any room. Preserve those genes of his."

A third added: "#BradPitt hasn’t aged since Thelma and Louise released 1991."

A separate fan tweeted: "Is it just me, or is Brad Pitt better looking at 59 than he was at 20/30?"

Brad sported a soft blue polo, and a pair of aviator sunglasses at Wimbledon. He has also had a makeover, as he ditched his long hair do in favour of a shorter cut and spiked fringe.

Brad has remained tight lipped about the secret to looking youthful, though he has revealed he takes beauty tips from some of his famous exes, including Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

Speaking previously to Glamour, he said: "Aniston keeps sending me stuff. I haven’t tried [her haircare], but she sent it. She’s all over it, I trust her. Paltrow is all over it too. I’ll call her up, ‘I need a tip’, [then it’s] approved or not approved. Trying to stay physical, try to eat healthy a little bit, try to stay creative."


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