Aubrey Plaza shares her favourite Emmy's post-it dress meme


Aubrey Plaza at the Emmy Awards 2024
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One of the best things to come out of the 2024 Emmy Awards was the response to Aubrey Plaza's 'Post-it' dress. With one harking back to one of the most iconic Sex & The City moments of all time, social media users took it upon themselves to illustrate the front of the Loewe gown.

The White Lotus star arrived on the Emmys red carpet on Monday night wearing a gold gown that featured a giant needle-like detail through its square-cut top. Soon after the pictures emerged of Aubrey wearing the dress, social feeds were awash with memes that illustrated the dress with phrases like 'Don't forget to change your air filter' and 'Is it spring yet?'

And, of course, the infamous Post-it note that defined the breakup between Sex & The City character Carrie Bradshaw and boyfriend Jack Berger in season three of the HBO show. 

In the episode titled The Post-it Always Sticks Twice, Sarah Jessica Parker’s character gets dumped by Jack Berger (played by Ron Livingston) via a Post-it that reads: 'I’m sorry, I can’t, Don’t hate me.' Considering the couple had just spent a romantic evening together, this move was particularly shocking. 

And now Aubrey herself has shared a response to the internet frenzy her outfit caused, including the Sex & the City reference as part of a collage of images from the night. Alongside the photos, the Parks and Recreation star wrote: "Thank you @loewe for making me look sharp and to my beautiful team and to my sister for being the best date ever."

Despite taking place over 25 years ago, the horror of a break-up via Post-it note clearly still resonates with SATC fans. 

Sex & The City writer Liz Tucillo previously told ELLE how they came up with the concept for the scene, explaining: "We had the fun of just talking about the worst breakups that we had and then that ends up in the show - you know, our most humiliating experiences. 

"I don’t remember exactly how it came up that it was a Post-it, but I’m sure it had something to do with us talking about the most dismissive way to get broken up with."

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