Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg got super flirty on the red carpet, and now people want them to get married

OMG we can't handle this

Andrew Garfield attends the 80th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton on January 10, 2023 in Beverly Hills, California
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If we didn't know any better, we might think that Andrew Garfield and Amelia Dimoldenberg's red-carpet encounter at the Golden Globes got off to a rocky start, when Amelia told Andrew: "Why are you... Just stand! Be normal!"

But it's glaringly obvious that the actor and the journalist share a very particular sense of humour, and in the video of their chat, they seemed pretty flirty with each other.

According to Metro, this was Andrew and Amelia's second meeting. They met at GQ’s Men Of The Year awards last year, when the Amazing Spider-Man actor told Amelia, "I think you’re great."

Amelia is known for her Chicken Shop Date YouTube series, in which she awkwardly interviews celebs. At the Golden Globes, she was on the red carpet doing exactly that: awkwardly interviewing celebs, when Andrew came her way.

The two spent a couple of minutes giggling and teasing each other.

Amelia said: "We must stop meeting like this," to which Andrew replied: "I only ever wanna see you." He then laughed before finishing his sentence: "I only ever wanna see you in these kinds of situations."

The journalist told him about her birthday party, at which point Andrew started talking to her about their star signs, and implying that they might be compatible because Amelia is an Aquarius sun and Andrew is an Aquarius moon.

If it was even possible at this stage, Andrew made things even flirtier and even more awkward by saying: "I don't think we should explore this." Amelia answered: "I wasn't even asking you to!"

Then Amelia tried to switch gears for a bit and ask Andrew about his roles of choice, but he couldn't take her seriously. He cracked up while telling her: "Are you actually going to ask a serious question?"

Anyway, it's adorable and hilarious and you should watch it.

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After seeing this exchange, fans had some requests for the universe.

"i need andrew garfield and amelia dimoldenberg to get married i’m so serious," one person tweeted.

"Petition for Andrew Garfield & Amelia dimoldenberg to get married," said another.

Someone else wrote: "listen i don’t really care about celebrities anymore but i personally need amelia dimoldenberg and andrew garfield to be dating like immediately"

We're not OK.

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