The best constellation ear piercings

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  • The hot new trend that will have you seeing stars

    When it comes to ear piercings, we say the more the merrier. Ear cuffs? We’ll take them. Studs that take up our whole ear lobe? Yes, please. Chain wraps? Where do we sign up? So when a new piercing trend arises, we’re all, ahem, ears. Enter the latest jewellery craze, the constellation ear piercing.

    There’s no trick to this. It’s exactly what it sounds like. A cluster of piercings grouped together on your ear. And there are no rules. You can place them wherever you like. So long as they’re all together.

    According to celebrity piercer, Brian Keith Thompson (who’s pierced the lobes of Beyoncé), this artful grouping of piercings is set to be huge. And because the overall look is quite dainty, it works for everyone. You can choose to group a small collection of studs together in a triangular form on your ear lobe. Or you can even place them in a line along your cartilage, setting a big one down on your ear lobe and then smaller ones following, so it looks like a planet with moons. You can even vertically stack them, like shooting stars. Or place them in a cluster just below your Helix.

    Although it’s not exactly new (stacking earrings has bene popular for while), it’s popularity is gaining momentum. But, this trend isn’t just a quick nip to your local piercing joint. It takes time and a whole lot of planning.

    It’s really important to work with a piercing artist when you want to get something as intricate as a constellation ear piercing. Everyone has different ear shapes, so it’s essential that you get a design that works for your ear. One of the easiest ways of doing this is to experiment with ear make-up.

    Thinking about jumping on the trend? Scroll through to a collection of the best constellation ear piercing designs from Instagram. To infinity and beyond…



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