Why winter is the best time to start waxing

Honestly, it'll change everything come summer...

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Honestly, it'll change everything come summer...

We get it. Winter is finally the time you don't have to worry about shaving or waxing your legs. You finally have the security of wearing tights and jeans, so your legs are never on show. But, unfortunately, winter also happens to be the best time to wax your legs and other areas.

We know, we know. It's unfair. Especially for those of us who know what it's really like to get a Hollywood wax. And it doesn't make sense (or at least, we don't want it to). But hear us out.

From an effectiveness point of view, you'll reap the rewards from your winter waxes during summer. And you'll get better, long-lasting results from your waxing sessions if you start putting in the hard work now. Why? It all comes down to the hair growth cycle.

The ideal time to get a wax is during the first phase of your hair growth cycle, known as the Anagen phase. This is the active, growing phase of hair. When hair is repeatedly removed from the full depth of the follicle, the structures that surround the hair follicle, which are responsible for hair growth, will eventually weaken.

But, if you get a wax during the final phase of hair growth, known as the Telogen phase, the results of your wax won't last as long. This is because brand new anagen hair may already be developing underneath the hair that is on its way out.

So to get the best result, you need a regular routine to try and catch the hair in the anagen phase. If you wax every 3 - 4 weeks during winter, all of your hair will eventually come through at once, instead of at different times. Then, once you get to that stage, you'll be able to reduce the regularity of your waxes to every 4 - 6 weeks because the results will last longer.

Natalie Lukaitis