Marie Claire Skin Awards: Expert Winners

Marie Claire Skin Awards 2020

From the best facials to pros-in-the-know about how to tackle skin concerns. These are the trusted game-changing experts to add to your little black beauty book...

Best Skin Clinic

Winner: The Wellness Clinic, Harrods

Marie Claire Skin Awards 2020

Meet London’s No1 beauty destination for holistic, aesthetic and wellbeing treatments. From dermatology to beauty acupuncture and full-body cryotherapy, you’ll find it all under this one - very chic - roof. 

Best Dermatologist

Winner: Dr Anjali Mahto

Marie Claire Skin Awards 2020

She is one of the UK’s leading consultant dermatologists and a spokesperson for The British Skin Foundation. What's more, Dr Anjali is widely recognised for her unique skincare ethos. She bridges the gap between traditional medical dermatology, beauty and cosmetic medicine. 

Best Cosmetic Doctor

Winner: Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe

Marie Claire Skin Awards 2020

SKNDOCTOR combines her extensive medical knowledge with a refreshingly contemporary take on beauty. No wonder she’s won the hearts of hundreds of influencers around the country. Meanwhile, internationally, she has worked with skincare brands such as Glossier and La Roche-Posay.

Best Facialist 

Winner: Debbie Thomas

Marie Claire Skin Awards 2020

She’s the go-to facialist for celebrities including Dua Lipa and a whizz with lasers. After scrutinising every pore, Debbie will create a tailor-made facial using the best possible skincare solutions. Whether it's deep-cleaning extractions or a peel, you'll leave her treatment bed glowing.

Special Jury Prize 

Winner: Abigail James

Marie Claire Skin Awards 2020

Her massage techniques leave dull complexions immediately dewier. Or for all-round skin MOTs, you can rely on Abigail to create a bespoke menu. Think peels, micro-needling or radio frequency to stimulate collagen and improve pigmentation. No wonder she’s known as the ‘skin coach’.

Fiona Embleton

Fiona Embleton has been a beauty editor for over 10 years, writing and editing beauty copy and testing over 10,000 products. She has previously worked for magazines like Marie Claire, Stylist, Cosmopolitan and Women’s Health. Beauty journalism allowed her to marry up her first class degree in English Literature and Language (she’s a stickler for grammar and a self-confessed ingredients geek) with a passion for make-up and skincare, photography and catwalk trends.