This is what you should put on your lips to stop them getting chapped this winter

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  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley approves...

    Chapped lips are one of the worst thing about winter – There’s nothing worse than suffering with dry, flaky and sore lips that are only worsened every time you step out into the cold.

    Well, we now know an *amazing* hack that’s going to revolutionise the way you treat your chapped lips. Skin care expert Dr Barbara Sturm has revealed what you should be putting on your lips to fix them overnight – and it’s not just a case of slathering on the lip balm, guys. You might want to rethink your trusty pot of Vaseline next time you want to repair chapped lips.

    According to Dr Sturm – whose brand Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is reportedly a BIG fan of – if you apply your usual face serum to your lips before you go to bed, they’ll be looking their best ever in no time at all.

    The reasons behind it are that face serums contain very high concentrations of ingredients that are seriously good for your skin, and that help to keep it firm, plump and hydrated – so it makes sense that they would work really well on your lips, too.

    Speaking of serums, have you tried out this quiz? It magically matches you to the perfect serum for your skin type AND budget.

    So, next time you’re applying your face serum as part of your night time skin care routine, be sure to smear a little of it on your lips as well, and let it work its magic overnight. Your lips may feel a little slippery, but it doesn’t matter too much as you will have taken your make up off by bed time. Apparently, an oil based serum will work best on your lips.

    Dr Sturm’s range is a little pricey (the Calming Serum will set you back £173, while the Super Anti Ageing serum is £265), but hey, if Rosie H-W approves, then it must be worth investing in.

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