The Trick To Getting The Perfect Cat Eye With Dior Make-Up

Dior’s liquid eyeliner helps to reinvent a classic on cover model Neelam Gill

cat eye

Dior’s liquid eyeliner helps to reinvent a classic on cover model Neelam Gill

If there’s one way to look like you’ve put serious effort into your make-up, it’s executing a crisp cat eye with razor-sharp precision.

Statement-making swipes of inky black liquid eyeliner pack the most punch. And choose one with a felt, tapered tip, like the Dior Diorshow On Stage Eyeliner, for more control over your cat eye flick.

Dior Diorshow On Stage Liner in 091 Matte Black, £27.50

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‘Liquid liner has just the right amount of tenacity to create an even graphic line, that graduates from thick to a really fine point,’ says make-up artist Gina Kane, who created the looks on Neelam Gill for our cover shoot.

Liquid eyeliner also stays put longer, preventing a pristine flick from smearing into a panda eye.

Here are some other tricks from Kane to perfect your cat eye…

1. Apply Concealer To The Under-Eye First

‘As well as disguising dark circles, which can make eyes look bruised, your eye automatically opens and looks up while you press concealer around it. This could disturb freshly applied liner.’

2. With Your Liquid Eyeliner, Draw From The Centre Of The Eye And Work Outwards

‘Then trace along your lash line, from the top inner corner to the centre of your eyelid. For the bottom of your wing, draw a line upwards from where your lower lash line ends. Connect it to the tip of the flick. Fill in the V shape, or triangle of space, between your top lash line and lower lash line to finish your cat eye flick.'

3. Apply Eyeliner Tight To The Root Of The Lashes

‘This makes the lash line look fuller and thicker and defines the eye shape. Any gaps, or skin showing through, will make your cat eye look messy. Try using an eyelash curler first to curl and lift your lashes. That way it’s easier to get the liner in between the hairs and closer to the roots.’

4. Do Not Stretch Your Lids

‘You’ve probably been doing it this way forever. But tugging at the skin on your eyelid means that, when the skin snaps back, it will relax into its natural state and the line will no longer be smooth.’

5. Apply Mascara Strategically

‘Apply two coats close to the roots and wiggle the wand upwards and outwards to enhance the cat eye shape.’

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6. Keep The Rest Of Your Look Neutral

‘Make the cat eye your sole focus. A tonal contour and nude lip is the best way to offset it.’

Fiona Embleton

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