This is why your eyebrows aren’t growing

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  • Let them grow, let them grow, can't hold you back anymore

    If you were a teenager in the 90s, you’ll know the pain of living with the fact that you plucked your brows within an inch of their lives, only to have Cara Delevingne come turn everything on its head and bring back the bold eyebrow shapes that shot Brooke Shields to fame in the 80s. 

    With time, trends come and go, but one that’ll probably stick around for good is big brows. You could say that we’ve learnt our lesson with tweezers (somewhat like we learnt our lesson of not wearing twenty butterfly clips in our hair ever again). But, unless you’ve got hair that thrives at the pace of a Mr Grasshead pot, growing those plucked hairs back is going to be a challenge.

    And one of the biggest reasons why, lies in your every day beauty routine. 

    According to brow guru Sania Vucetaj, moisturisers, gels, sunscreens and foundations could be the cause of your brow hair falling out as well as preventing future growth.

    Speaking to Pop Sugar, she said, ‘We tend to treat the brows as skin, but they’re actually hair follicles, and if we wouldn’t put something on our scalp, why would we put it on our brows?’ 

    She sort of has a point. If we’re clogging up our hair follicles with all of these creams and gels, how can they grow? 

    She went on, ‘clients who are careful to avoid any lotions have noticed tremendous growth — it just takes patience!’ 

    Bottom line: if you’re aiming for the arch of your dreams, lay off the lotion. 

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