Supposedly a bar of soap is the secret to perfect brows

Does this mean the return of the humble soap bar?

Does this mean the return of the humble soap bar?

Ok, so there's not exactly a shortage of ways to get perfect eyebrows. You can wax, pluck and thread your way to perfect eyebrow shapes. You can fill in with pencil, brush through with powder and layer brow mascara to fake fuller eyebrows. And you can put your brows in rehab, massage them with serums and switch up your diet to promote hair growth. But, we're a nation of hackers. And once someone has found an easier way to do everything, we all jump on board. Enter soap brows. A hack that is exactly what it says on the tin.

Beauty bloggers everywhere are using soap to make their eyebrows look fuller, more groomed and keep each hair in place all day long. It's nothing new. In fact, it's an old Hollywood trick. Nonetheless, it's enjoying a modern day spike in popularity. And it's ridiculously easy. The idea is that the waxy texture of a transparent soap builds up and feathers the texture of the hair to give the illusion of fuller brows.

First, you simply pass the spoolie over slightly wet soap. The key here is to make sure the soap is a bit thick in texture. Then, brush it through your brows, flicking upwards and out. This will give them that amazing groomed effect you normally see backstage at fashion week. Finally, if you want a more dramatic effect, simply fill in with pencil or brush over with a brow powder. Et voila!

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And the best part is that it's super cheap. Plus, there's no specific brand you have to use. It just has to be transparent when wet. No wonder all the beauty bloggers are getting on board and touting it as the return of the simple soap bar. Sorry liquid hand wash, looks like you've been pushed off the bathroom sink pedalstool.

Natalie Lukaitis