Halloween makeup tutorials, from the super spooky to the super easy

It's spoooOOOooooOoOOooky season... 👻🎃🕷️

It's spoooOOOooooOoOOooky season... 👻🎃🕷️

Halloween is a mere few weeks away, which means that it's time to start practicing your scariest looks now, guys and ghouls. Thankfully, our Halloween make-up tutorials are here to save you from a terrifying fate of a bottle of fake blood and a crap wig.

Here are just a few of our favourite halloween make-up ideas and the steps it takes to re-create them, to keep you at the envy of your friends and fam no matter your make-up skill set.

Once you've figured out what you're doing with your make-up, why not take a cue from the A-listers and check out our celebrity Halloween costumes gallery?

Bride of Frankenstein Halloween make-up tutorial

Now, this is a wedding we want an invite to. The hair is what really makes this look, so think volume for days and get ready to backcomb. Our beauty expert Natalie achieved the character's signature white stripes by spraying two locks of hair with temporary hair dye, before moving onto white foundation to achieve an un-dead look. If ever you were looking for an excuse to bust out your dark shades of lipstick, this is it, kids.

Killer clown Halloween make-up tutorials

Always wanted to nail killer clown make-up? Look no further. We enlisted the help of Alice Bizarre, a special FX makeup artist, who helped us create an easy-to-follow but terrifying scary killer clown. Loosely inspired by the one from American Horror Story: Freakshow, we're sure this is a look that'll freak out all your friends...

Zombie Halloween Make-up Tutorial

A zombie is a brilliant look to have in your Halloween make-up repertoire. You can take absolutely anything and add zombie as a prefix. Why not be a zombie bride? Or a zombie doctor? How about a zombie Lindsay Lohan? OK, we know she's not dead, but it still sort of works?

If you are going to zombie yourself up this Halloween, then make sure you adhere to the following rules: your zombie make-up must be accompanied by an upward eye roll to create an authentic zombie appeal. You have to practice and hone your zombie noises before the big day. And above all, make sure you practice the all-important zombie walk.

Pair the above with your awesome make-up and witty costume choices, and you’ll look pretty epic. Which, after all, is the point of Halloween fancy dress. Go forth and be scary.

Vampire Halloween make-up tutorials

Why not merge scary with sexy and vamp up your look this Halloween? Not only will you look frightfully fantastic, but the vampire look is also a great last minute make-over option.

Illamasqua came to our rescue with this very look when they popped by Marie Claire HQ to give some keen staffers a full Halloween makeover treat. That highlight! That glittery lip! Thank the make-up gods (Illamasqua, that is) for this vampy look.

Easy Halloween make-up tutorials

We all love Halloween, but sometimes getting your costume sorted in time can be more faff than fun. If you're finding yourself without a costume this October 31st then fear not – all you need is your make-up bag.

Stuck for make-up inspiration? You’re in luck; the beauty team at Christian Louboutin have teamed up with make-up artist Laura Jenkinson to create three unique looks for you try at home. Each focusing on just the lips, the looks could not be easier to recreate, and we’ve got all the step-by-steps to make it even easier.

The only questions that remains is which one will you plump for when the big day comes? The creepy blood-bitten vampire, the spooky spider, or the slightly terrifying hand...

Easy Halloween 'hand on face' look

Hand On Face Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Step 1. Apply the outline of the look onto cheek and lips to get the correct placement on the face, and to ensure that you have a solid design to follow.

Step 2. Start filling in the ‘hole’ sections with a black face paint, tracing black liner to outline fingers and indentation marks. Then continue to fill in the fingers with a really light shade to shadow/highlight in correct places to give a 3D effect.

Step 3. Finally, use a red lipstick for the finger nails and matching lips.

Easy Halloween vampire make-up look

Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Step 1. Using the best lipstick, apply the colour liberally to lips.

Step 2. Create two ‘fangs’ by folding white paper in to the shape of a triangle, this will hold in your mouth when tucked under lips.

Step 3. Finish by dribbling a touch of fake blood from the corner of your mouth and dab on to ‘fangs’ for a ‘just bitten’ look!

Easy Halloween spider make-up look

Spider Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Step 1. Trace the outline of the spider over lips and onto chin and cheek using a thin liquid eyeliner pen.

Step 2. Fill in the body of the spider with a black colour or dark lip colour.

Step 3. Highlight the spider with splashes of white to create a 3D effect and paint lips.

Step 4. Draw the shadow of the spider underneath using a brush and a grey eyeshadow for a 3D effect.

Happy Halloween, everyone! Now bust out those make-up bags and get to work...

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