I've rediscovered my love for this cult bronzer and I'll be using it all winter

There's no better bronzing powder than this

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If I think back to my very first bronzer I know exactly what it was, because I reckon it was the same for most of us. Benefit Hoola Bronzer was a firm favourite of mine and was seen in pretty much all of my friends make-up bags. The little cardboard box of bronzing powder was an icon and everyone's favourite bronzer. It was the perfect way to add colour to the complexion and was my first introduction to contouring. 

But in saturated market with too much choice, I decided to return to my beauty roots and picked one up for the first time in ages, quickly remembering why I loved it so much in the first place.

Whether you want to achieve a summer glow or add a touch of definition in those dull winter moments, you can't beat Hoola. 

Let's look into why I think this is one of the industry's most cult beauty products...

The history of Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Here's a fact that'll make you feel old: Benefit Hoola is now over twenty years old. When it hit the market in 2001, it was one of the original powder bronzers used to add definition and colour. It really was considered a game-changer, due to its buttery texture, rich colour and cute box packaging. 

Hoola has a matte finish, making it perfect for contouring the face, as well as all-over use. This is rare in powder bronzers, which either come as super pigmented and matte for contouring, or a little shimmery or even glittery, for use on a big brush across the face. With this one, you can genuinely use it for both. 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

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Benefit Hoola Bronzer

In the many years since its launch, Benefit has worked to diversify its bestselling bronzer in order to suit more skin tones. It's now available in four hues: Hoola, Hoola Caramel, Hoola Toasted and Hoola Lite. 

To celebrate its 20th birthday, Benefit also launched the bronzer in a limited edition "Glow" edition, which combined the "original Hoola's neutral bronze shade with pearlescent pigments for a lit-from within look." 

Benefit Hoola Bronzer shades

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Benefit recommends using Hoola with the "3 technique", which I think is how we all first learnt to apply bronzer. 

"After your foundation, swirl your brush in your fave bronzer, starting at your temples, draw a number 3 with your brush down under your cheekbone and then under your chin to give a natural bronze finish," the brand suggests.

"Repeat until you’re happy with the coverage and even up the other side, add a little highlight to the tops of your cheekbones to complete your contour creation."

Why I love Hoola as a beauty editor

I adored Hoola long before I came a beauty editor. The main reason is that Benefit's boxed bronzer is fuss-free, and does what it says on the tin. It's a formula you will easily return to time and time again. 

The finish, as mentioned, is matte, meaning there's no unwanted sparkle or shimmer. It comes with a little fluffy brush which – as far as palette brushes go – is actually pretty good, particularly for on the go. When I use it at home however, I tend to use a big fluffy brush to take it across my face in the "3" shape. 

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As I'm pretty fair, bronzer is a product I've tended to struggle with in the past as I find certain brands don't do one light enough for me. However, the original Hoola is really adaptable, and I also love the 'Lite' version, which I think is one of the best bronzers for pale skin. I usually use this in the winter and the original in the summer, when I am a little warmer and more sunkissed.

I can't recommend Hoola enough, so if you're looking for a solid five star powder bronzer, look no further.

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