5 of the best post gym hairdos to disguise sweaty hair

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  • Save yourself some time at the gym with these simple sweat-disguising hair styles

    Working up a sweat at the gym: great for your body, not so great for your hair, especially if you’re having to wash it after every single work out.

    Save your scalp and your time with one of these super-quick, sweaty hair-disguising styles instead:

    1.The Twist and Tuck

    All it takes is a stretchy headband to get your hair into this super-easy.style. Taking literally two minutes, all you need to do is put the band on your head like a crown, twist what’s left into a ponytail and then tuck it into the headband until it’s secure. Add a few Kirby grips for extra hold if needed. 

    2. The Messy French Plait

    3.The Cross and Wrap

    The key to this one if backcombing (which is actually easier when you’ve got a bit of grease to help you along). Once you’ve got yourself a bit of volume, separate your hair into two section.

    Tie these sections into a knot (like you would a piece of strong), repeat and then fasten with a hair tie. Pretty simple – literally. 


    4.The Braidy Bun

    One that works just as well on medium hair as well as long. This style uses much quicker twisting than plaiting, so is great if you’re in a rush. Start by dividing your hair into two high bunches, then split each bunch of hair in two.

    5.Top Knot

    Tight on time? A top knot is the easiest way to disguise sweaty hair. Try twisting it into a bun using an old sock who’s either lost its partner or it’s lustre. Accessorise with a brightly coloured headscarf for added coverage of greasy roots.

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