Why micellar water is the secret to lustrous hair

This beauty multi-tasker isn’t just for the face

This beauty multi-tasker isn’t just for the face

Just when we’d got our heads around the French pharmacy’s 3-in-1 skincare secret, the benefits of micellar water have moved beyond the face. To recap: micelles are tiny oil molecules suspended in soft water and are used to cleanse, nourish and tone in one fell swoop. A powerful, yet gentle alternative to harsh cleansers, they grab hold of dirt, grime and oil, then dissolve them to leave behind a soft, glowy finish. Now the same approach has been applied to a new 98% naturally-derived shampoo – Kerastase Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire, £21.20.

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“The formula contains sulphate-free surfactants, which comprise micellar technology, to draw dirt and excess oil from the scalp, all without stripping the hair,” explains Steve Shiel, L’Oreal UK’s scientific director. “Then moisturising oils, including coconut and argan, step in to keep it healthy and shiny.” Love your suds? Don’t worry, there’s still a hint of lather so you deep cleanse as well as nurture what Mother Nature gave you.


Fiona Embleton

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