4 ways to make your hair look short without cutting it

Not ready to take the chop? You don't have to...

how to make your hair look shorter without cutting it
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Not ready to take the chop? You don't have to...

If you've always had long hair, cutting all of yours off can seem completely daunting. And growing out an old bob feels like such an accomplishment, it seems counterproductive to get a crop again. But if you want to know how to make your hair look short without cutting it, we've got 4 of the best ways to do it...

Faux bob

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No doubt you've seen this on the red carpet. Celebrities have waist length hair one day, then a bob the next, only to have mermaid-esque hair the day after! The trick is all in kirby grips. Simply tie your hair at the nape of your neck with a clear elastic. Then, tuck underneath your hair and pin into place with kirby grips. It sounds easy because, well, it is.

Faux LOB

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Long or short, your hair deserves a great shampoo. Find the perfect one for you by taking this quick quiz!

Most times you get your hair cut, they'll make the front shorter. If the front of your hair comes to your shoulders, you're in luck, because you have the perfect length. But, if it's slightly longer, simply tong the front and tease at the roots to make your hair shorter. Then, braid the back. This will give you more volume for when you tuck it under. That way instead of it looking like a faux bob hairstyle, which is quite short, you can fake having thicker hair at your shoulders for a L.O.B. 

Faux pixie

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This one is great if you want extra volume on top. Create texture by curling your hair tightly. Then, place it into a ponytail at the back of your head. Now twist over once, so the ponytail comes to the front and pin into place with kirby grips.

Quick crop

quick crop

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Don't have time to be fancy? Invest in a chunky turtleneck knit. Simply pull on and leave your hair tucked in. Then, to make it look natural, use the end of a tooth comb to slightly pull out the mid lengths.



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