These are the hair trends that will be huge in 2017

Direct from the hair experts at Taylor Taylor London

Hair Trends
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Direct from the hair experts at Taylor Taylor London

We're pretty happy to report that this year, things are getting a bit more low key, well, at least in terms of your hair that is, according to the hair maestros at Taylor Taylor London. Hairstyles will be much more layered in 2017; mid length bobs in particular will be cut with additional layers thanks to a huge army of influencers going for shorter styles and more texture. Its all about being natural, less groomed and having a simple style with free movement, whether you wear it up, half up or down.

Going for a shorter and more layered style creates more movement, so hair that has a natural wave or kink and gives a variety of styling options to choose from with just one cut.

No matter how your wear your hair it’s all about owning your imperfections and enhancing your hairs natural movement by clever layering and intelligent colouring. Focusing on the health of your hair and choosing new colour techniques such as 'The Reverse Balayage' – taking your base back to your natural tones and giving the hair more subtle contouring rather than layered balayage. Keep your hair healthy and find the perfect conditioner for your hair type by taking this quiz...

In terms of a specific trend, Bardot-esque fringes are absolutely in, as seen on Alexa Chung, Chloe Grace Moretz and Penelope Cruz. Take your hair to at least shoulder length and go for that full, grown out fringe with just enough length to create an ever so sexy split down the middle. Whether short or long your hair needs to look imperfect in style with a relaxed lived in movement, irregular partings and heavy layering.

Hair Trends 2017 Alexa Chung

From the tough runway models at Alexander Wang through to the mannish femininity from Victoria Beckham AW17, we believe that we will see a clear movement for the key designers to embrace the natural textures of the hair.

Reflective of the trend to celebrate the differences in skin tone, hair colour and beauty models will showcase looks as varied as shaggy curls, eye skimming fringes, structured tousled bobs and swept up styles. Across all the designers for next year our message is to be comfortable with your own aesthetic in both your fashion and your beauty.

If we were to take one style: The ever present pony is also back in fashion again with even some of the woman’s wear designers embracing the look another season running. This time you either go for broke and wear them high on your head and or go as low as you dare and secure them at the nape of the neck, as inspired by designers such as Gurung and Ferragamo. For wear ability at home, wear them slightly ruffled and leave strand hanging for that 'simple look'. Or combine them with a low side parting and sophisticated velvet ribbon for a sleeker look. Secure with unusual knots and ties or even glitter the ends for a night out.

Are these styles achievable at home?

It is essential to have the right haircut for your hair texture which suits you and limits the time you need to spend getting ready. All haircuts should be versatile; this means you’re able to change your parting on a daily basis or use a different product for a night out for a different effect. Hair tools and electricals are getting more varied so its all about finding finding the right style that suits your hair texture and type and then working on how to maintain your styles. Its more about looking 'less polished'. Plus, in every girl’s handbag should be a good dry shampoo. Meaning that for many of this season trends, a quick tousle and a fix in the morning is all you need.

In real life who wants to spend their time styling and fighting your hair against its natural movement. The new styles and looks for the season are about being clever and tailoring your cut and colour into what your hair and your lifestyle can actually handle to keep you looking chic and hopefully effortless.

Many of our clients who had short hair started growing their hair during 2016 and visa versa, in terms of our clients with linger hair went for the chop so we saw a lot of trend towards a versatile mid length. Our clients seem to be bang on trend with the current looks and we are cutting in more fringes than ever before along with an increasing demand for the messy layered lob which seems to suit everyone. From Cara to Mrs. Beckham, hair stops on the shoulder at the perfect length to style in loose waves and with still enough length to pull back on day two or three.

What's the celebrity hairstyle you get asked for the most?

Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevigne and Suki Waterhouse are the top 4 women’s styles we have been asked for during 2016. We are having requests to recreate Hailey Baldwin’s rather sexy looks too – she was suddenly on the radar last year – definitely a 'modern shag style' and it shows the movement and texture thing really well.

Hair Trends 2017 Hailey Baldwin

Driven by the catwalk looks showcased by everyone from Topshop Unique to Prada, we have seen fringes really take off with our clients. This season is a perfect progression as its all about growing those fringes out into sexier, swept across fringes more often than not paired with the new style Lob cut with extra layers for that effortlessly styled look.

After balayage and ombre, what's the new hair colour trend?

Blonde is always on trend as it has such a huge spectrum of different tones and shades. Using the latest colour techniques this look was created by shadowing and creating a deeper base shade, a technique used to add depth and contrast to the colour. By using a shadowing and fading technique a darker base shade was applied and so compliments the overall colour by creating a soft contrast between dark and light. Light Honey tones were Balayaged through the mid lengths and ends to create different dimensions of light through out the hair.

Red hair has always been a popular pick up and will freshen your look for all seasons. 2017 Spring, summer is all about adding depth and dimensions to your hair with strong yet sophisticated colours that are infinitely wearable!

The new technique used here is called “multi-tonal colour glossing” where we work with the natural colour reflections in the hair. It is created by applying the colour gloss 'globally' over the whole hair creating a fresh looking colour with "super shine".

Grey hair, aka "granny hair trend" in the fashion world is seen on fashion editors such as Sarah Harris and celebrities Zosia Mamet and Rita Ora. It’s here to stay. We can change the tone of grey for a different dimension and this seasons grey trend sees an array of soft muted minky greys and violet tones.

Using clever “shadowing” and “contouring” techniques this colour can be be personalized to each individual we applied a “root stretch grading from deep slate to powder grew with a lilac tone. A very current “ombre” It compliments a variety of skin tones and eye colours.

We keep hearing about hair dusting. Is it as good as it sounds?

Hair dusting has been around forever and is a very old fashioned method. We are not fans of the process as it doesn’t address the problem. Hair dusting is a technique of taking small sections and using the tips of the scissors to skim over the hair to remove only the split ends. But split ends tend to be so sporadic, that hair length will be uneven so it is best for your hair to either, work with the new generation of split end treatments that mend bond OR cut the hair to a length where the hair is in better all-round condition and more even. Its also time consuming.

What's the hottest up do for this year?

Our favourite woman of the moment nailed the hottest hair up of the moment at the Grammys 2017. Adele captured this seasons perfect mix of unstructured, glamour with a stunning effortless, wispy, textured topknot. The loose styling and finger dried wave embraces our predicted trend of using your natural textures to their very best advantage. Our absolute girl crush.

Hair Trends 2017 Adele

Is there one style that's 'out' for 2017?

There’s not one look which is out but fashion moves so quick that your hair should be a constant progression which could just mean you change shampoo, your fringe is slightly shorter, your still blonde but the technician used a different technique so the placement of the blonde has moved.

Please don’t fake it any more. From excessive extensions to hidden rainbows they you will start to make you look dated. The good news is that almost any style will go this season but it Must. Look. Imperfect. Embrace your kinks, waves and even a grey streak or two. Love your hair and keep it in good condition with regular cuts, treatments and decent products, and save on those hours spent grooming in front of the mirror. Go and do something else more exciting instead.


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