The Post-Gym Blow Dry: How To Stop A Workout Ruining Your Hairstyle

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  • The mini blowdry you can do in the changing rooms...

    As anyone who works out regularly (or even just once) will know, a good gym session will ruin your hair. No problem if you’re heading home, not so great if you are on your way to work or a night out. And there is no hairstyle or hair product in the world that will withstand 50 minutes on a spin bike, no matter where you get it cut or how much you spend.

    So if you don’t want to stay in the changing room for an hour, washing and re-drying your hair, then you need this super-speedy guide to touching-up your blow dry on the go…

    1. Preparation is key.
    Don’t tie your hair up in a severe ponytail – the telltale kinks will be hard to remove without jumping in the shower. Instead, loosely twist the hair round into a bun on the crown of the head and secure with hairpins, rather than an elastic. Use a cloth hair band to hold stray strands off your face.

    2. Blast the roots with dry shampoo.
    Keeping the top of your hair and scalp fresh is the key here. A dry shampoo will eliminate grease and help to build volume, creating the illusion of a salon-professional blow dry. We love the COLAB Dry Shampoo London, which is fragranced with bergamot, musk and magnolia and won’t leave the dreaded white marks all over your hair. Shake your hair out, using your fingers to evenly distribute the product.

    3. Make the most of the hair dryer.
    Quickly blast the roots with the hair dryer, to stop the post-workout sweat clinging to your hair and scalp. Lift your hair with your fingers as you dry, to encourage volume and stop your tresses looking flat. Turn your head upside down and blast your locks with the cool setting to set your style.

    4. Beat the frizz, but embrace the wave.
    A poker-straight style is going to be hard to achieve quickly after the gym, so working a bit of a curl is going to look much more natural. That doesn’t mean you have to plump for frizzy locks, just work some mousse through the lengths and ends of your hair (we like the Kérastase Densifique Mousse Densimorphose), leave for one minute and wrap the front sections around some curling tongs (keep a travel pair in your gym bag, like the Ego Getaway Travel Hair Styling Set to make sure you’re always prepared). Shake out, get dressed and go!

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