glow in the dark hair

Glow in the dark hair is the party hair we’ve all been waiting for

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  • You'll look positively glowing...

    The party season is well and truly upon us. Invitations to pub quizzes are flooding in, relatives are booking trains and flights to come visit, and work dos are heavily inundating our inbox. Needless to say, our search for the best party outfit, make-up and hair colour ideas is on. But, we may have just stumbled across the answer at the very beginning of our plight. It’s technically called phoenix hair, but is currently being coined as ‘glow in the dark hair’ and for good reason. Because it’s totally LIT.

    Designed to glow under a black light, it’s the hair colour you want if you plan to hit a nightclub after your work drinks. The man behind the trend? Colorist Guy Tang. You know, the genius behind oil spill hair and metallic hair?

    He uses Kenra Color Creative Neon Collection dye, which transforms your hair into a rainbow of fluorescent shades. Tang suggests doing back-to-back bleaching to lighten your hair colour as much as possible before applying the neon dye, for the best results.

    Even better, it looks just as lit during the day as it does in the dark. In natural light,your hair will look like a fiery version of rainbow-coloured hair. But under black lights, your hair will glow like a firefly.

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    Word of warning, don’t try this at home. Judging from the video Tang uploaded to the 1.5 million followers on his youtube channel, this colour process is hard AF! Not only would you have to bleach your hair over and over again, you would have to have the hand of an artist to paint the neon colours onto your hair like he does with such ease.

    Good news is, you can purchase semi-permanent dyes and spray-ons, like Star Gazer’s UV Dye, £6.29.

    The stars you stuck on your ceiling as a kid, ain’t got nothing on this…

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