You won’t believe what can make your hair look shiny…

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  • Bleating hell! Now we've heard it all...

    There are a lot of doo-doo related things in this world we just don’t need to know. Like the fact that if we keep our toothbrushes in a bathroom with a toilet, we end up essentially brushing our teeth with poop particles. Or that 20% of office coffee mugs contain faecal matter. Thanks for that fun study, University of Arizona. So here’s another shitty fact you’d probably prefer not to know: Argan oil (that substance that gives you shiny hair) is found in goat faeces.

    Yes, our favourite ‘miracle’ oil is derived from goat excretion. You know, the one we so liberally apply to our hair, our body, our FACES?!!

    But, before you jump to conclusions and imagine some poor sod scraping off the top of a goat pooh like crème from milk (sorry, had to go there), let us explain exactly how this ‘miraculous’ oil is extracted.

    According to CBS, the Argan tree is part of the goat’s natural habitat in Morocco and the small green fruit that hangs off it’s branches are part of its diet. Basically, the goats acrobatically clamber up the trunk of the tree, eat the fruit and then either spit up the hard pit or pass it through their, ahem, system. Then, the pit is harvested and crushed down to extract the oil.

    What this fundamentally means is that we have goats and their dung to thank for our shiny hair – sort of.

    But that’s not the only weird thing that can make our hair shiny? In fact, you’d be surprised at how many odd things will make your hair glisten. For example, several kitchen ingredients can bring dull hair back to life. Our favourite tipple can add the kind of gloss you get from a visit to salon. And paying a premium for fizzy water might actually save you a trip to your hairstylist.

    How? We hear you ask. All of the explanations are right here…

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