You heard it here first: as a nail technician, this classic pedicure trend is the only one I buy into

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I have always loved a french pedicure. Ever since I was a teenager, I've worn white tips on my toes; even when it was uncool the past decade. So you can imagine how thrilled I am about the return of the french mani/pedi being cool again. This time, there are more variations than ever before. 

In true Devil Wears Prada: "It's a tough call. They're so different" fashion, despite all of these pedicures looking similar, they all differ slightly. There are 4 main french pedicures that I often see and wear myself: bubblegum (a pink base), clear (as you can expect, a clear base), chrome (a shimmery base) and milk (a white, milky base).

If you're looking to try something a little different—or return to an old favourite— with your next pedicure, try some white tips in one of these versions. 

1. Bubblegum french pedi

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A sheer pink base is the perfect way to get this bubblegum pink french pedi that looks ultra shiny and clean. For this, I love the Dior Glow polish with Seche Vite's fast dry top coat for that gel effect top coat.

2. Clear base french pedi

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Sometimes you can't go wrong with the original. Using a clear base with a bright white tip, finished off with a high-shine top coat to create that classic french pedicure look.

3. Chrome french pedicure

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Of course, chrome and sparkles are making their way to our toes and I'm here for it. Try a chrome top coat with a gel pedicure or a subtly glittered top coat if you're using nail polish to give a classic a special twist.

4. Milky french pedi

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To try something a little different, go for a milky base coat instead of a clear or white one. If you struggle to do a french pedicure then try one of the handy kits available, like this Mylee kit that uses a clever clear sponge tool to avoid the painstaking painting required. 

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