As a beauty editor who has a bath every single night, trust me when I say these are the 13 best bath products

An intrepid quest to find the best....

Shannon Lawlor
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It's taken me a few years to admit this but my specialty as a beauty editor is smellies. Because beauty is an industry grounded in science, in my early years as a beauty editor I was keen to lean into the science-y skincare stuff in a bid to be taken seriously. But the truth is, it's the best bath products that have my heart.

You see, to me, baths are everything. Call it silly if you will, but barely a night has gone by in the past five or so years in which I haven't had a pre-bedtime bath. A bath is my wind-down time—a time to reconnect with body after spending the day very much in my own head. 

And while there's no doubt I have an affinity for the best moisturisers, know a thing or two about the best skincare routine for acne and take great pleasure scouting out the best hair tools, it's bath and-body-related products with mind-soothing aromas than win me over every damn time. 

I like all of my beauty products to smell great, feel luxurious and relieve my busy mind of stress—and nothing does the job quite like a good bath product.

I believe in the restorative and calming powers of a good bath so much that I encourage you to jump in at any point during the day. While I'm a night-time bather myself, I feel that even a short twenty-minute break in the morning can be just what's needed. Yes, it may take a little longer than a shower, but it's worth the time and effort when it comes to getting your mindset right. A bath is thought to have the ability to ease tension in your body, relieve pain and reduce stress and anxiety.

Do baths help you sleep?

Baths have been proven to help you get to sleep. It’s something to do with temperature. Your body heats up in the tub and followed by the rapid-cool down once you’re out that relaxes you and sends your body into sleep mode.

Crafting the perfect atmosphere

When it comes to crafting the ideal setting, luxury candles are firmly at the top of the list. I could wax lyrical (no pun intended) about candles all day and therefore have adopted a more is more attitude. So why not get a few on the go?

The best candles to light while in the bath

The best bath products and soaks

It feels needless to say that I've spent many, many years testing and trialling the best bath products out there. From soaks and bubbles to oils and bombs, I've put them all to the test in a bid to find the very best. You see, my bath product expectations are high. I want my soaks to smell luxurious but not be overbearing. I want them to leave my skin feeling comforted but not leave an oily film. And most of all, I want them to leave me feeling the most relaxed I've ever felt. 

While this might not seem like a lot to ask from a bath product, I can assure you it is. In all of my years of trying bath products, I've come across my fair share of duds. Believe me when I tell you these are categorically the best bath products that money can buy (I wouldn't recommend anything else).

Best bath product for luxurious bubbles

The best bath product for when you're feeling bunged up

The best bath product for post-workout bathing

Best bath product for a comforting soak

Best bath product for busting stress

Best bath product for a good night's sleep

Best bath product for skin-nourishing bubbles

Best luxury bath product for tension release

Best bath product for perfume lovers

Best bath product for skin-softening benefits

Best bath product for morning invigoration

Shannon Lawlor
Executive Beauty Editor

Shannon Lawlor is the Executive Beauty Editor at Marie Claire. With nearly a decade of experience working for some of the beauty industry’s most esteemed titles, including Who What Wear, Glamour UK, Stylist and Refinery29, Shannon’s aim is to make the conversation around beauty as open, relatable and honest as possible. As a self-confessed lazy girl, Shannon has an affinity for hard-working perfumes, fool-proof make-up products and does-it-all skincare.