The best Australian beauty brands

Charting the rise of A-beauty

Charting the rise of A-beauty

By Rebecca Fearn

With K-beauty leading the industry for several years now, it's been difficult to imagine any other continent shaking up beauty in a big way. However, with an influx of exciting new brands and the staying power of several long-standing heroes, Australian beauty brands are doing just that.

I have to be honest and say I may be a little biased: my boyfriend is Aussie, I'm currently planning a two-week trip there in October and I've always been fascinated by the country. But the popularity of this trend speaks for itself, and it seems like it's not just me who's into it. A keyword search shows the term "Australian Beauty Brands" is up 86% year on year, while the number of beauty insiders talking about brands from the land down under has skyrocketed.

Australian brands, too have began to understand their new appeal. Stephanie Michel, co-founder of Insta-famous Aussie skincare brand Sand & Sky, explains:

"Customers are more and more conscious of what they put on their skin and they now know that natural skincare products can deliver on promises if they are made of the best ingredients. Australia is a powerhouse of amazing and unique botanical ingredients, all at our fingertips here".

Her co-founder Sarah Hamilton agrees that "Australian beauty is really taking off, and it’s all down to the amazing Australian environment which produces incredibly powerful ingredients".

The Australian attitude to beauty is increasingly relevant to us Brits, too. "The secret to beauty from an Australian perspective is take care of yourself by using the right products for you and as natural as possible", says Sarah. With the rising demand for clean, free-from products, A-beauty is meeting our modern needs.

From Dr Roebuck’s and Sand & Sky to Aesop and Becca, the relaxed yet results-driven Aussie approach to beauty has never been cooler. Keep scrolling for the best A-brands around...

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