Watch Your Favourite Movie Characters Sing Adele’s ‘Hello’

This dubbed supercut is awesome. And it won't make you weep.

Think you’ve reached saturation point when it comes to listening to Adele’s ‘Hello’? Think again.

A dutch video artist, Matthijs Vlot, has painstakingly sourced and pieced together hundreds of clips from Hollywood blockbusters to create a brilliant movie mash-up of Adele’s record breaking track. It’s a cover version with a difference.
Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Demi Moore, Scarlett Johansson, Uma Thurman, Bill Murray and Maggie Smith feature – all lending their voices to Vlot’s lyrical jigsaw. 
Adele’s ‘Hello’ is officially the gift that keeps on giving. 
What’s more, the resulting video is more likely to make you laugh than cry.
The mash-up is more akin to an amateur rap than the emotive, soulful ballad that Adele made famous. It’s a whole new speaky-dramatic take on the lyrics that no one can get out of their head right now.
Press play. 

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